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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


OMG LOOK,,,,,,,,,,,Made you look !!(you dirty chook)

Pretending doggy do that is.
The late 70's was the pinnacle of random prank items.

 I'm not sure I knew anyone who didn't have a set of these beauties..

My friends and I used to visit one of these shops, not this one exactly but close enough. We travelled for over an hour by train ,bought our delicacies and wandered about creating havoc .

Imagine sitting anywhere really but especially  for an hour in a train carriage reading your book, minding your own business, when a gaggle of teens with one of these laugh bags are in the seats in front of you .Have you heard on of these things?

 Yeah it was us...sorry bout that ...

I had a friend who just loved these, and the eyeballs. Nothing like a fly floating in your drink ,real or not.

arrrgh I fell for this ...every...damn....time.....

I thought my friend Rob would get me arrested and carted off to juvie at the age of 14!! He  would aim this stuff at the  backs of people coming down elevators as we were going up.Very sneakily, no one ever saw. The brand we had would squirt a fair way... Oddly no one ever tapped anyone on the shoulder to let them know they suddenly had blue ink all over the back of their shirt. The odd person felt something and looked about, giving us an odd look(the maniacal laughter ceased immediately) but we looked innocent right back at them.

These were hellishly expensive but good tricks on parents... not your own parents, they saw right through it, but other peoples parents..........

I am so gullible........sigh

one I didn't fall for,only because it was not tried on me
ahh yes the old vomit. ..........Vomit and doggy poo was always somewhere on someones floor 

nice.... lots of fun from this one, another one we annoyed unwary train travelers well as teachers,  parents, shop keepers.........friends.........

I'm feeling a little sorry now for the fellow railmotor travellers. This time it was smoke bombs. once started it could not be stopped, water made it worse. Sorry..we didn't know it would smell.

Dear, Hand buzzer...sod off,
 "Noooooooooooooo, I'm not doing anytihing, see? nothing in my hand, just shake my hand"" I want to show you something" or hey, feel this"........"what?"... aaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

Thank goodess my kids didn't take after me for wickedness. 


  1. I love the big glasses and moustache as the sign for the store! How fun!

    And I got caught by the snapping gum every time, too. It didn't help that Daddy loved Juicy Fruit and would give me a stick from time to time, so I never knew what to expect. :)

  2. My only chance at salvation is that the closest joke store is 45 minutes away, that the boys have no idea where it is, and that they can't drive.

    It's win win until they're 16...

  3. OMG! This is so funny. Have you seen the dog that poops game? I wrote about it in one of my blogs. First time I saw it, I thought the commercial was some type of spoof. But no, it's a real game. I'm putting the link here, but you may have to copy and paste it.

  4. Cheap as anything to buy now, but they weren't back then. Like the new blog look.

  5. CCofH...I started only accepting pellet chewy...saw those thanks pass lol

    Juli... hahah just you wait. my kids never had much moolah, so I was lucky, they bought food or hats

    shay... what can I say? my life is now complete hahahah that was hysterical. Thanks for viisting, I am a fan of yours you do autographs? you are freaking funny...the rest of you go visit shay you'll laugh your bum off.

    Andrew, yes I wish they had all the cheap stuff back then...but maybe I would have ended up in juvie haha
    thanks, Gemma sorted the blog out for me, (thanks Gemmy) I still need a better header, one that fits lol

  6. my fault not hers thou, I went in and did that later ....

  7. and I really have lost my marbles so I can't put them back.........


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