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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Intuition... when you just know it!!!

It's the thing that makes you turn around while driving, to see that your child is choking on something,or sneaking a peek at them to see why it's too quiet , to find every item of clothing from their wardrobes and drawers is on the floor along with every single toy.

The gut feeling that no matter how cheap this item is, it's going to fall apart  5 mins after you use it or  wear it out.

 I was on the phone to my Dad a while back, while looking at google maps to see if I could find the remains  of the old slab house my mum grew up in and asked dad what the number of the house was. He couldn't remember. It was one of those places you just knew where it was, and went there, didn't send letters to it. While I was talking a  number popped into my head....63, I said to Dad I thought Mum had given me the number, he laughed and said he thought it was , but not sure. Months later while going through and album Dad had brought down to me, in it there was a photo of Aunt Liz's hut...there was the number printed underneath 67...,Pop's place was 2 doors back making it number 63...thanks Mum !!!

For some people its a judge of character  and that can either be good or bad. I know people who seem to draw people who "need" them. And then get walked over, but they don't see that coming. Other people can spot a conman/woman at 30 paces.

I  was recently at  a McDonalds sitting at one of those windows that butt out from side of the entrance, so that I was able to watch a dog that had been tied to a table leg while the owner got a coffee . His reactions to people were fascinating. Most people he took an interest in, some more than others, he would lift his head and sniff, or just watch people with interest. It didn't appear to have anything to do with food, he didn't look hungry at all and some people weren't carrying food.
This one man , he had been sitting at the back with his wife,smoking away while having his food , and decided to leave. There was nothing untoward just to look at him, he looked a little like an old  "hippy farmer." As he walked past, I watched the dog ...shrink. It sort of closed up and shrank back, not looking at the man at all. I had seen the dog ignore some people or just raise one eyebrow and not be bothered with their smell, but this person he obviously did not like. It creeped me out.

Have you had any moments of great or small intuition?


  1. Interesting about the McDonalds dog !
    Can't say I've had any blinding moments of insight, but I trust a dog's assessment of character totally.

  2. Yeah, the dog thing was fascinating to me, too.

    I have a lot of intuition, but of course when I really sit down to think about it and find an incident, there's nothing in my head. Well, except the usual.


  3. No doubt the hippy farmer type had a farm smell about him and it brought bad memory associations for the dog.


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