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Saturday, April 7, 2012


You've probably gathered by now I'm a tad forgetful? As my mother used to say...I'd forget my head if it wasn't............

I forget things all the time. I can't remember half the stuff I've forgotten!!
I go into a room and forget what for. If I put something down....say... my glasses while looking for my keys, then I can't remember where I put my glasses!

ahh don't you just hate that? It's just the same as," I've got a secret...............nah I can't tell you" !!!

The other day I meant to ask at the doctors about my memory. I forgot to ask.

When I was nursing part time ,I  had 3 kids under 4 to organise ,I don't remember being so forgetful. Pretty sure I fed them and had their immunisations done on time. The less I have to remember the less I remember. Unless it was 40 years ago. Those things I remember. Not in a day to day conversation verbatim  way but there's plenty in the file.Some things the file has a label but no contents. hhmmm, for example a family reunion in  Parammatta Park in the 80's. I remember I went, and that's about it.

That it right there!! 

I have downloaded a post it note thingy for my laptop desktop...must remember to use it!!!


  1. 3 kids under 4? Women can achieve amazing things when they put their mind to it. Maybe that's where it went.

  2. only just, chloe was nov87 gem, sept 89 and dan june 91 ! would you believe I was infertile prior to this??
    yahh pregnant brain i still have it hahaha

  3. I fully agree with the comic that says we aren't forgetful, we just have too much to remember. So true!

  4. I have to make lists constantly. I understand how you feel.

  5. I have reminders on calendars, in my phone, in my diary and I still forget! Lol. Glad I am not the only one. I will tell you that taking Omega 3 really helps :)

  6. What was it I wanted to comment on again?

  7. Did you say 3 under 4?? I'd lose my mind!

    I forget things often. I tend to write reminders on my hand.

  8. ahh I feel better now, I'm in good company it seems LOL

  9. They say almonds are good for the memory, but I find it easier to write stuff in my notebook.

  10. It’s so refreshing to find articles like the ones you post on your site. Very informative reading. I will keep you bookmarked. Thanks!


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