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Thursday, April 5, 2012


My life is full of little embarrassing moments. Some of them could have been avoided if I wasn't gullible or so forgetful. And I've had the " I could die" embarrassment a few times too.

Kindergarten at school was where I "learned" to be embarrassed. I don't remember it before then. but being shown up in class by being hit with a ruler or made to sit by yourself for some slight, kinda ingrains it.To me there's a difference between embarrassment and shame.I figure if your're embarrassed and feel shame too, you were up to something you shouldn't have been.

At school I remember being sooo embarrased by  " I told him you like him" or "that boy likes you"
"your mum is at the school office/ tuckshop/outside your class waiting.............."

I used to fall for this a lot.. the person waving and smiling at me.I'd wave back,often madly and then realise they were never waving at me at all,but the person behind. 100 more embarrasment points if it's someone you actually know.
These days  I need glasses to see faces, so now I get embarrassed when you tell me I didn't wave.

I was a blusher, if the attention was on me for any reason I would blush. blushing in  itself is embarrassing"LOOK she's blushing" .....sigh

Being a new mum has infinite ways of embarrassing you

ahh the early days ,shopping or working and late for a feed.

baby spew, lovely. It has a smell of its own when dry . Extra 20 embarrassment points if its not your baby and you have somewhere to be and no change of clothes.

Luckily my children still love me

a night on the turps...........

I went on a 2nd date many moons ago and drank too much, on the way home I started making those gagging noises, you know the ones  ooooorghlug .,"quick pull over" Up it came . more arrrrooooghaaaa. and more.aaaaroooooooooghhhhhhhhggguuuuulllll It was quiet ride home.

Apart from please, thankyou , no elbows on the table and eat everything on our plate, we didn't have any dining ettiquete. I went to a friends family birthday dinner when I was about 16. My food was put in front of me, everyone smiled, so I tucked in, I looked up momentarily to about 4 faces glaring at me. I didn't wait for the host to sit and pick up her fork.oops.

I always worry about this...

 yeah every damn time...

I never never ask if someone is pregnant ,even if I hear them talking about babies.I did once, she had had the baby a week before.  If you're going to better at it .

I haven't done anything that made me want to be swallowed by a big hole recently. It's embarrassing enough forgetting things and being gullible enough to believe  something the  kids tell me and give them a giggle these  days.

And now I get ready to embarrass a whole new generation !!!


  1. These were funny! Thank you for letting us laugh with you at the things that have happened to you~

  2. thanks shelly....paid your fine yet? lol

  3. I was laughing at first and then I realized you were writing a post about me! :) Loved it!

  4. Ohhhh, my husband made the mistake of asking someone when they were due. I almost died for him. Poor man. He still remembers that and turns beet red.

  5. Re dining etiquette, I did the same and did not even know I was doing wrong. Mine was slightly worse though as grace had to be said before picking up the cutlery too.

  6. I'm here via Andrew. This is such a great list of life's little struggles. Shame and embarrassment must be among the worst of life's trials. It's good to meet you here, and without embarrassment.

  7. Embarrassment is such a killer, isn't it? I think the best thing to do is brazen it out. Say things like "Yes, I farted: what of it?"

  8. That waving back at someone that wasn't waving at you is sooooooo embarrassing, and I really laughed out loud when you wrote its 100 times worse if you know them. LOL! Enjoyed this post.


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