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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday.....just a ramble on of sorts

I have nothing creative today,so I'll just ramble on really.

Received a letter from Danny in the army.His Platoon sergeant called him a "gun nut". I'm guessing this is a good thing, being in the army and all. He had to get a chit to wear his own old joggers as the ADF joggers "Fu****d" his ankles,apparently. He's had one charge for forgetting to lock his locker, a security issue and he's trying to avoid another. He cut some velcro off something that was annoying him, but he can be charged for 'tampering with ADF equipment", so he's been busy trying to covertly sew the velcro tabs back on and hope they don't fall off.
He wrote that he was issued with XL speedos ,also known as dick togs , so I had a picture in my head of Danny at one end of the pool and XL speedo's at the other.

I did my 2.5 km walk today, I've been walking this everyday for 2 weeks now.I can go 3km at the most. On the flat I miiiiiight be able to do 5km, but theres a hill in every other street here,and every time I walk one my calves or hamstrings or both , scream "take me home!!!"
I didn't want to go today, was dragging myself out there, but actually felt better once I hit the pavement. I hope all this walking is good for something dammit, can't see any difference in the mirror yet.I'm happy I can do it at all,despite my complaining, as it's only 18 months ago I was walking with a stick to the bathroom.

It's all go for the wedding. Gemma and Aaron have set the date for 22nd of Oct.......THIS YEAR! It's going to be a shoestring budget,and we are going to cater ourselves. My childhood friend was a caterer so is advising us on simple but good food,to feed 100....or ....
I'm going to write everything down and write a shoestring budget wedding book...and.... ironically..... charge a fortune for it! Anything with the name "wedding" in it,is quadruple the price of a similar item without "wedding" in the title. They are going to have to do without a lot of the "fluff".I priced chair covers, $5each, thats over 500 bucks just there!! So no chair covers, and funnily enough from the weddings I've been too, I couldn't tell you if there were chair covers or not,so we'll concentrate on making the tables nice. The theme is 1940's glam and colours are Ivory ,black and red.
If any of you have any cost cutting ideas,esp for decorations and food,please let me know. We've decided on a buffet and doing the food ourselves with the wedding cake for dessert. Thats about it so far .

Hubby is renovating. Again. Bathroom this time. 6 years ago when we came here, the bathroom in this 100yr old house was, well, a bath with most of the enamel gone, a 1950's sink/cabinet that had warped from the water and an outside loo.the laundry tub was in the kitchen. We did the best we could to renovate it quickly back then, but we lived with going outside to the loo for 2 frosty winters , the overall original reno is tired and slate on the shower wall instead of tiles was good in theory.
At the moment he's putting french doors in the bathroom,to the outside patio area,so I'll have to find some curtains for that and etch the glass, which defeats the purpose of being able to see outside then,so maybe just curtains. He is a glutton for punishment, french doors hate him, they are a pain in the ass to hang right, he's done it twice now, it takes about 3 days of hanging,rehanging, and rehanging and a lot of swearing to get them right.
By the end of the reno, I will have a towel cupboard and a storage cupboard,instead of having the towels on a chair in the loungeroom and everything else stored in the laundry where the cupboard should be.The laundry and bathroom will be combined and the washing machine and dryer will be behind cupboard doors.

anyhoo if you are still awake i'm off now, must go help hold things, like the tape measure, or bring cups of tea. If not....WAKE UP ITS OVER.


  1. Hi Bernadette. I found you through your comment on Bodacious Boomer, I will write better when I haven't had 3 wines, but for now... what is with the photo of you??? and the lion thing???? I am so deeply jealous that I can't even begin!!! Kia Ora from NZ xxx

  2. ooh I love weddings and I think making things is so much cheaper than buying them ready made.

    Good luck with the bathroom, I love the idea of being able to see out the window while you are in the bath!

  3. My daughter was married three years ago so I still have recent memories of the wedding. The BEST THING we had, which I made the kids pay for themselves since I thought it was dumb, was a photo booth like you see in a mall. The photo strip had a customized top with their names and the date. It was a HUGE hit!

    Email me if you want some of my thoughts on weddings. portiamom1(at) aol (dot)com.

  4. I love your idea of a cheap wedding book that sells for a lot! That cracks me up!!

  5. Janet, hey Neighbour :)
    3 wines lol, I'm incoherant after 2 these days.
    The lion pic was taken in Bali, it's something I couldn't imagine ever doing and it was awesome!!!

    Lyndy: my fence isn't high enough to ever see out while I'm in the bath lol maybe while I'm brushing my teeth :P
    I love weddings too, been a long time since I've been to one let alone organise one.

    Portia, thanks for your email, I will definately email you. the photbooth is a wicked idea, but but would be soooo expensive here to hire, and the photos are $10 each here. She is going to set up a video camera and chair to have video messages, which will be fun to playback after ppl have had a few drinkies.

    stephanie..I know...I should so do it :)

  6. I love the video camera idea! It's a great alternative to the photo booth.

    I love hearing about your wedding plans. Great idea about turning it into a book and then charging a fortune ; )

    As for the chairs. Yeah. It's pretty trivial. I'd say if you're on a limited budget, spend more on fun and less on the aspects of decor people aren't even going to notice.

  7. Yay for getting up and going for the walk! Sometimes the hardest part is bending down to tie the shoes and actually getting off the sofa and out the front door. I'm glad you did!

  8. Sober now :-) Two wines is my limit too, it's just a little hard to remember that at the time!!
    Congrats on the walking and the new bathroom, I hope they both go well.
    I went to a wedding once that was done on the cheap - Fish and Chips for 80, t-sauce and white bread and butter on each table. It was brilliant!
    We may go to Bali next year - where did you do the lion thing?

  9. Holy cow! $10 each photo? That sucks! It really was the best part of their wedding, too, but the price was one set price with unlimited photos. :(

  10. dina:it was Gemmas idea :)
    that's good because I'll probably be rabbiting on about the wedding for months lol
    Yep, we are concentrating on the tables and some pretty decor.

    Lisbeth: thanks, i do feel better for it, wish I could see some results in the mirror..soon lol

    Janet: lol the worst is when you're stting talking,having a drink or two.....and then stand up,should have seen me on the plane to Bali heh he
    fesh and chep wedding, how cool lol
    Bali...go go go, though its not everyones cup of tea, I love it. saving to go in 2 years...ha with the wedding maybe 3 now lol the lion is at the Bali safari and Marine park, great day out,you pay a fee to get in which covers the safari tour, the elephant show etc and a professional photo is about $9.But you can pay $3 and use your own camera, they take the pics for you. If you want Bali info email me at bernitree at hotmail dot com
    also I have a Bail JBR on the blog.

    portia: You're right,I just saw an add for a photobooth $350 unlimited photos, but it's in Sydney so freight would be a lot to get it here.Pitfalls of country living.

  11. that would be Bali...if I ever have the occasion for bail, I will blog it though :)

  12. Thank you for encouraging me. I keep wondering if I am going to be on goddamn crutches for the rest of my life.

    And then I say NO. I am going to walk again, and walk a LOT.

    Weddings are scary.

  13. Just curious, but why do you want to be able to see outside through the bathroom door?

    Cheap decoration ideas: buy clear vases from thrift shops. Use in-season flowers. Ask your friends and neighbors if you can have some of their flowers or foliage. Buy cheap, short drinking glasses from thrift shops and put tealight candles in them. Bonus points if they are the floating kind. If you want mats for the vases/candles, get fabric from thrift shops (or remnants from fabric stores) and cut them into squares.

  14. Ami, you're welcome,I do what i can hahaha
    Seriously, keep thinking positive.

    the wedding is daunting......

    Soapbox :
    I don't ,it's hubby's idea lol our house when it was built had an L shaped back verandah, one L was a "sleepout" bedroom and is now a sunroom off the loungeroom that used to be the 3rd bedrooom. It has glass french doors that open to the bbq area. the other part of the L was made into the bathroom and laundry. It also faces the bbq area so hubby thought it a good idea to match the other doors and have it the bathroom open out there too,that way to go to loo,you dont have to go in a circle thru the house to get to it. having taken out the laundry door and made it one room,we have no actual back door until we extend the kitchen,so its really the back door lol

    think we are going with your table ideas, thanks :)


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