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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C = cheating

Sorry but today's post is cheating as I didn't get time to write.The happy couple paid me a visit and I got waylaid. I wrote this in Feb '11.

I wanted to keep in the nostalgia theme so I've chosen this post to fit

C=Constant change

I'm coming up for half a century in a years time. Looking back over all that time I can remember inventions that we thought back then were amazing. Way before mobile phones, ipads and mp3 players. We couldn't even imagine those things being real back even in the early 80's.

Some of the things that were "new" when I was a youngun were:

Portable transistor radio, these were still quite big, but put about a dozen D sized batteries in and you could take it to the beach it would run for a good....40 minutes.
My father had a habit of leaving it slightly off station so our music was accompanied by the horrid static white noise .I'm sure it's why I'm a bit nutty now.

Palm sized transistor earphones you had to hold it to your ear for your own personal space, they had a real tinny sound but it was great.It was awesome to have music of my choice in my own room.This was actually a big deal in my house. Odd ,yes ,Personal freedoms were a privilege.

Portable Record player
I was never lucky enough to have one of these but my friends did. I remember one 11th birthday party listening to Fox on the Run by sweet,over and over and over and over.I included the song, so you can get into the excitement too. You may want to play it over and over and over,thats ok .

Cassettes These were a huge thing in the late 70's and 80's. They were only about $2 cheaper than LPs or records as we called them but they started putting the cassette players into cars and the portable transistor radios. They were expensive for what they were and often got loose and you'd hear mwaaaarrr mwaaarrr mwaaarrr and not much else. There used to be lots of unravelled tape at traffic lights, a sight you don't see anymore.I just gave our collection of about 150 cassettes to our brother in law, he bought a campervan with a cassette player in it. It's all 70's and 80's music. I hope he gets more than mwaaaar mwaaaar mwaaaar out of them.

1970 brought us one of these rotary phones, not everyone had an in home phone then but in the next few years,not many homes didn't have one.Before that we used these.

Mum was lucky we had one in our street a few houses down, but some people had to walk for ages then wait their turn for the box.

I remember my mum buying one of these u beaut electric typewriters in about 1985. We were researching the family tree and mum would type up family groups etc. We also used it for our resumes.She tried to give it to me about 6 years ago we all had computers with printers by then.It's still in the back of a cupboard.

Thanks to the Japanese, by the time I got to highschool in 1975 calculators had been introduced for maths.Legions of students never had to remember the formula for cosigns and tangents.
Not that a calculator helped me, I was hopeless at maths.
I keep finding these in drawers.I think they breed.

In 1974 the sewer finally came to my home town. We could have had a pump out septic for about 3 years prior but Dad was not going to pay the plumbers twice,so we put up with this....
for 3 years longer than we needed to. There was no light in there, plenty of spiders and it only got emptied by the sanny man once a week. God help us when we had visitors.

I'm glad some things have changed!!!


  1. I well remember most of these things. Can't believe things have changed so quickly, but I imagine it won't be long before our kids are saying the same things~

  2. I remember every one of those things. Well our phone booth looked a bit different but essentially all the same. It is amazing how things have changed...and how we've changed with them. Even twenty years ago if you'd have said I'd have 5 computers in the house with varying degrees of portability, I'd have thought you were crazy. Who'd need all those 'puters? Now we can't live without 'em. Those flames on the outhouse are a nice touch :)

  3. hey dont blame us missy moo :P i said you sould have done a blog about cake everybody loves cake!!! especially pregnant peoples should make a cake XD meet u in the kitchen when its done xoxo

  4. Um. I see Cassettes, calculators and commodes. That's enough C words for me. :)

    And just so you know, most of the bloggers schedule their posts out, and when I asked about my "re-posting" March's ABC's they said it was fine.

  5. Shelly, I'm betting they will, the mind boggles

    stephanie ,lol I liked the flames haha. Not too far off George Jetson!!!It is amazing how we have adapted, when I see pp in their 80's blogging and web marketing!!!

    Gemma HA! you know where the kitchen is :) cupcakes would be nice :P

    Juli ,yep plenty of C's here to think of D...suggestions?

  6. I loved this - I remember having both the radios, record player and a pink Princess Phone. I don't think I went anywhere without a radio. Lots of fun to look back.

  7. Bella ,I know, music was SO important.


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