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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A-Z challenge.....A- Active

As you can see by the little emblem, I'm taking part in the A-Z blogging challenge for April. This really will be a challenge for me as I've been so slack on the blogging lately.
There is over 1600 blogs taking part and all are so different. It looks like most bloggers are theming the challenge is some way. Hmmm , my blog is a bit of everything, but mostly parenting and nostaligia. I think I'll go the nostalgia, I seem to remember what happened 40 years ago better than what I did this morning.


I wasn't always the couch potato you see before you. I even did .....sports...

I'll have you know my netball team The Heatcote Waratahs under 11''''s were Premiers and minor premiers in 1974!!! that means we won every game..(I think). I played Wing Attack, and sometimes goal shooter, but my goal shooting brilliance was intermittent...usually crap when It my turn at it during a game.

I played from the time I was 7 until the end of primary school,ending with the excuse that I would have a lot of homework in highschool, but from memory I was sick of the training ,the being yelled at, the running around the oval in freezing weather.It's a winter sport.

In highschool mum sent me off to learn tennis every Saturday morning, I enjoyed it ,but I was pretty crap at it,during tournaments always out in the first set, then had to sit in the melting sun and watch an 8 year old prodigy win every game...sigh...

That was it for organised sports for me.
In highschool there was soccer, volleyball, squash and all the running and jumping you could dream of. I wasn't that girl..... though I do remember having fun with the javelin and I went to regional for discus and shotput, but didnt't get anywhere, there were some very big strong girls there.

Orienteering took my fancy for a while, that's where you get a map and go bush and have to look for landmarks and find the checkpoints. I liked this, but the walking...not so much. So that lasted.........I went twice..ok!!

Today I have no sense of direction and would be lost without landmarks even if I've been there 20 times.

We had swimming lessons through school,it was a good half hour trip in a double decker bus and was never in hot weather. Must have been about march ,the sun is out but it's not hot. I can still remember the sense of achievement on learning to dog paddle, float on my back and finally swim overarm and with head underwater.I still have the "I swam 25meters" certificate somewhere among the flotsam.The water had a sound of its own and felt different like it was thicker or heavier. I think Olympic sized pools have a sound and feel all of their own.

In the 80's squash was huge over here. Everyone played. After work, during lunch, it was the thing to do.I don't think there is an existing squash court left! They all seem to house, childrens play gyms, or are now storage areas,I used to play with Rhi's mother , I would pick her up in my little mini, we would play squash then do the sauana and spa and head home. The heading home part always took the longest, my mini ALWAYS broke down......the road service man knew my name and number plate. Eventually we got home, covered in black marks from the ball...some of them didn't wash off....those little balls hurt!

Today 10 pin bowling is my speed, but my right hand is deformed with the arthritis,so I wouldn't be able to get my fingers in the holes.

I bought an exercise bike, Les uses it, I did try, but I'm too short and I buggered up the tendon between the toes and heel for a week I'll just stay on the couch for now !


  1. Nothing like a challenge to get us up and blogging (I was going to say running but thought better of it) every day. Look forward to the nostalgia. It's fun to find out that we all have similar experiences - with different names, maybe - when we're in school.

  2. I like the A to Z idea, just wasn't sure if I was up for it. I'll think about it, as I haven't written anything yet for tonight's post.

    I want to get a bicycle with a stabilizer and try to start getting some exercise again.

    So tired of not being able to do ANYTHING.

  3. steph ..hahah running :)

    Ami I know the feeling.


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