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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lady Muck

Apparently I'm not keeping hubby in the style to which he thinks he should be accustomed.

He wants to be Lord Leslie,right on his licence, banking card, medicare and credit card .

Lord Leslie, God help us .

I found Highland Titles,there he can purchase his own Highland Estate that will entitle him to be Lord or Laird of his very own Scottish estate from just £29.99, now I don't know what this is in Australian dollars but it seems like a small price to pay for the respect/giggles he will gain.

not Les

It will buy him 1 square foot of land which he can actually stand on and have his photo taken should he wish to pay a visit as Lord of Glencoe. He could spend 100 pounds and get a 100 square feet and then he could pitch a tent there for a few days. A few days in a tent in the Scottish highlands? That sounds cold and quite probably wet.

If he pays double, we can have adjoining estates. I can just see us in our adjoining square foot plots, my arse would probably encroach on Lord Les's land and he'd make me pay a tresspass fine.

I thought hard about my Scottish knowlege, seeing as I have a Scottish great grandfather... Alexander Naylor
Birth1865, Lanarkshire, , Scotland .parents: J
ohn Naylor and Norah Buchanan

This my Scottish knowledge :

Its mountainy...highlands..I get it.
Its cold and rainy.
They have a fantabulous accent.
Haggis, which I'm pretty sure I would not like.
Bagpipes and kilts and tartan..well they're in the picture.
Castles, those I like,though they look a bit hard to keep warm,I think I'd have to have a butler..wait a buttle buttles, I would need a chamber maid. Well if I had a castle and more than one metre.
What else?..hmm Loch Ness Monser and all the other monster less Lochs.
Sean Connery and Billy Connolly.
The Proclaimers
Rod Stewart
the Bay City Rollers

och ay


  1. brilliant post but you forgot Scottish heather ;) lol love it!

  2. Me thinks, your housband's been hitting ye ol' Whisky.

    There. That's all I got.

    Unless I shell out $30 and then I could have the plot next yours. :)

    Think of all the Whisky, Um, I mean, Fun we couuld have.

  3. Oh spring for the bigger piece so he can have the "full" experience.

  4. I love it...I guess money can buy you anything these days, right?

    I really, really want to go to Scotland though. I imagine myself sitting at a cozy hotel enjoying some tea and seems heavenly over there!

  5. Pretty good price to become a Lord even if it is a teeny tiny Lord.

  6. BB, thanks, I don't think it's quite Les though he did wear a sorong to a temple in Bali :)

    Lyndylou...oops and thistle :) Can I stay at yours while he's in the tent?

    Juliana...yes haha. Whisky!!!I'd be a noisy neighbour...I snore sober LOL

    Mrs Tuna...tempting lol does sound lovely, Lyndy? ....Put the kettle on :)

    Nari...It is lol Brilliant gift lol ooh ooh I think I will get him this for xmas,then get Dani my friend the cartoonist to put him in a cartoon LOL

  7. I love shortbread and have a yummy recipe for it! As for the BCR.... S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y...night!

  8. Awesome.

    I LOVE the shortbread. Mmmm..

  9. You forgot the porridge - yum yum

  10. Do you know how many birds a Scotsman can fit under his kilt?

    Depends on the length of the perch.

  11. Don't forget Whiskey! Oh, wait...LOL

  12. Oh, you are funny.


    I'll be back.


  13. You had me at "accent". That's all I require from them. Swoon!


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