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Thursday, May 31, 2012



Nearly there. This pic was taken about 2 weeks ago at 34 weeks. At 30 weeks Gemma had some early labour and was transferred to  Canberra Hospital, they gave her medication to stop it and the babies the steroid injections for their lungs just in case. It settled over 24hours but she had to say there for  4 weeks until our country hospital could cope if she went into labour as she is having a C/S. Baby boy is stting in her pelvis like a hammock bum down and baby girl is lying straight across the top with  their heads  together.
We have tentative date of  37 weeks, 2 weeks at the most. Not long now, but sooo long for her, they are so heavy. My sister made it look easy when she had her pair and Gemma has too, even though it's so uncomfortable, she's done really well. The youtube twin mums we had been following mostly had lot's of problems and didn't look much like themselves anymore after 30 weeks! Her friend with the other McTwins has also landed in hospital ,she is 7 weeks behind Gem, not sure how long she will have to stay in  and she has 2 children to juggle as well.


I can't wait and hard to believe I will be a grandma. It doesn't seem that long ago I was waiting for my own babies.

I had my adopted niece Rhi here for a few days a few weeks ago, she lost her job suddenly and was devastated, so it wasn't the best trip for her, but it was lovely to have her here. She's not much fussed at being like her mum, but some things are uncanny and I had a dejavu moment!! I'll tell her she got her mums good bits like her sense of fun.

I'm the first in the group of old schoolchildren that have found each other on facebook to be a granny, but the others are not far behind me, with one of them also expecting twin grandchildren.
It has been so lovely to share in this with my first best friend from kindergarten all those years ago. It was surreal and a special moment to have her be a part of Gemma's wedding and now she's been crocheting furiously and making cot sheets. Kez has medical problems ,like my own, chronic bits that ebb and wane and so it was a monumental train trip for her to get down here to stay here a few days. I took her off to see the Wombat  statue,pretty much the only thing in Wombat  really...We befuddled Les with our giggling over the ridiculous and  entertained Gemma at the hospital.
She bought me the BEST poncho. I haven't owned one of these since I was 9 , but as Kez says, if you can't refuse to get out of  bed you take the bed with you...


  1. I was just going to say that I hope that Gemma is keeping cool, but you are in Winter aren't you? Keeping my fingers crossed that all runs well.

    ExposeYourBlog! Joining up bloggers for almost two years.

  2. She's doing really well- hope the rest of the time goes by quickly for you all. I can imagine all the excitement!


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