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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is the kitchen open? No , go away!

You know when you walk past some houses and the cooking smell wafts out and you just know theres something GOOD really, really GOOD on for dinner in there?

That's not my house.

Lots of people love cooking.Not me, but a lot do,look at your TV guide,they must do. We have Master Chef, Junior Master Chef,My Kitchen Rules, Conviction Kitchen,Ready steady cook,Iron chef, Alive and cooking,Food lovers guide to Australia,The Cook and the Chef, Hueys cooking Club,World Feast,Good Chef Bad Chef, I've missed at least 3 that I can't think of the name of right now and the list doesn't include the Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey offerings that are presented as specials or the fishing or camping shows.And then there's the morning TV shows that have cooking segments. WTF? these are only the ones on free to air...all 5 channels!!!

My kitchen is so small it's like solitary confinement.Seriously your bathroom is bigger than my kitchen.Two people can stand in there, 3 if you're very good friends , you can't pass one another without being intimate.

My fridge was in another room as it was too big to fit in,but it caught fire last month and died so I had to get a new one. The one I got I'm not sure it's mother would be happy it left home it's so small. I think it's shorter than I am.But I don't have to go to another room to get the milk,it fits a dinner plate on the shelf and a 2L juice bottle in the door,so it's a win.
When we first bought this house this room was was also the laundry,with a laundry tub where the fridge is. A kitchen sink was over a cupboard where the microwave is and the back door was where the sink is. That was pretty much it.Oh and a stove which fell apart.
I'm not really a fan of cooking,I can't see the point, it gets eaten and then there's all that washing up.....boring.... Blek.
To placate hubby I've occasionally had cooking binges and these are some of the purchases he's made on my behalf hoping to entice me into home made ,if not gourmet but maybe edible fare.

This sits in the bottom of the pantry............pfffft

Who eats first???

Lost...I don't know where...well If I did, it would't be lost...

corn save your hot finger thingys...I found ONE in the drawer.

Still in the packet.....

It's broken..Okay...

For the lefttovers ?

Until I can wiggle my nose like Samantha ,it looks like this family will have to suffer with one pot and whatever I can cook in the turbo oven.

whats for tea? crinkle chips and tomato sauce butty's?

I joined NaBloPoMo,it's a group of bloggers who have committed to updating their blogs once a day for an entire month. I'm not sure I can keep up, but like the idea of having a prompt.
Todays blog promt had to use the following words:

placate, boring, solitary, crinkle, and juice.


  1. I am so with you on the cooking thing. I get so tired just getting through the day that I totally lack inspiration to come up with an idea for a good meal.

    I want my own chef!

  2. I feel ya on this one. Boyfriend and I eat the same thing week after week because I don't know how to cook much. We buy the same things at the grocery store every time we go. It's getting boring.

  3. I don't cook much these days and resented it when I used to have to do it regularly - it always seemed to be the same old, same old. Luckily for me, my youngest daughter enjoys cooking!

    I bought a slow cooker last year in an attempt to try and eat something decent once in a while (and after being nagged at by my mum).

    I used it once. It now lives in the shed.

  4. I like to cook sometimes. But otherwise, I feel the same way that you do. :)

  5. Good job incorporating all those words. I love to watch cooking shows but they just make me want to go out to eat. I am no great cook but I will cook on occasion as long as it doesn't require measuring or regular attention.

  6. We're the same. Neither of us can cook and we rarely try. Sure it's only food, it goes in one way and comes out another. Enough said!

  7. Me, I love cooking! Y'know...if by "cooking" you mean stopping by Mickey D's on my way home from hell...I mean WORK!

    Btw, I never replied to your comments on my blog! I dunno why, I just missed you somehow. I'm sorry about that!!!

  8. I don't really cook, either. However, we have one of those nonstick electric grills (just like you pictures) and *love* it! It is a quick and easy way to cook chicken, even for someone like me! DH cooks hot dogs and steaks in it, too.

  9. Well done on getting the words in. I'm a 'If it's Tuesday it must be...' type cook Whatever it is it's usually out of the freezer or a can

    I visit your blog when I’m on on ExposeYourBlog!

  10. I am not a cook. I do consider myself an assembler though - defrost the chicken meatballs, cook rice in the rice cooker, add prepared tomato sauce and defrosted vegetables and what do you know? A home cooked meal!

  11. Okay, for all of you who commented that you hate to cook you should stop by my blog. I'm all about escaping my kitchen jail as quickly as possible.

  12. I love cooking, but I find it very hard to cook for one adult and one small child; while I have said child and a baby hanging off me. It just does. not. work.. So I resort to easy meals that I CAN do with a child and baby hanging off me, but it's boring.
    And now I am rambling.

  13. Well I am a cooking lover (mostly because I love to eat), but you cracked me up with this post. I love the "one corn holder" thingie entry. Made me laugh out loud as I pictured what to do with it. I also love that you had to use those words you listed at the end in your post. This is the first time I'd come across that in the blog world, and it's brilliant. Must make every post pretty challenging to write. You did it so well, I didn't even notice the special words had been slipped in. Thanks for a good smile to start my day :)

  14. UM, feel you on this 100%. I hate cooking, I've always hated cooking, and probably will never be good at it. I can BAKE, but I don't even do that anymore. I live in the city and already have the nearest bakeries in a 10 mile radius plotted out. Why turn on the oven?


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