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Saturday, March 12, 2011

my life in film

My mind is like a sieve I tell you... How could I have forgotten...I got an award..You know I love them! The awesome Vicki who loves frogs over at glitterfrog thinks my blog doesn't suck ...that's so cool Vicki, thanks heaps. Vicki's blog is great,always a fun read,and funnily enough not about frogs! Go take a look, tell her Bee sent you....she won't give you anything, either will I.......... but tell her anyway back to the blog post....

Movies have been in the background fabric of my life and probably say as much about my upbringing and who I am today as much as anything else.

The first time I remember seeing a movie was in 1967, I was 4 and my sister was new .I was with another child my age but cant remember who now, the two mums went shopping for the duration of the movie and were there again before the end of the movie.I remember them coming in and thinking NO NO NO NO ...NOT GOING TILL ITS OVER!!! It was Snow White,the german dubbed english version from 1965 .It was magical, the dark room was scary but when the movie started OOOOOHHHH.

Mary Poppins about 1967ish. I remember a scene with Dick Van Dyke drawing on the footpath with chalk and then the magic to get to the place he drew.

The Love Bug 1968 at the drive in for my birthday. It was very exciting both the movie and the drive in !!! Blankets, pillows, eating food in the car.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971 for my 8th Birthday, I got my one and only birthday party that year too...I must have been a model child in my 7th year!

Herbie rides Again ..Drive In,1974 ..........I hope this was for my sisters birthday but knowing Dad "when you're on a good thing stick to it"..... It was probably for me.

Freaky Friday 1976........This was for my sisters birthday, I still liked the movie.

Muppet Movie 1979. I was 16 and babysitting for my neighbours kids,they were so cute and I used to drag them everywhere,It was a good excuse to see the movie. Kermit on a bicycle !

Meteor 1979...saw this one night with my friend Vicki, we caught the train in and I was convinced we had to leave before the end of the movie to catch the last train back.So I dragged Vicki out, got to the station to find there was an hour and 20 minute wait for the train. I had read the timetable wrong. I never did see the end of the movie until recently.

The Rose vs Amytyville Horror debacle of 1979

My 16th birthday with girlfirends at the time D and L, we decided to go see The Rose for my birthday. L's mum had booked the tickets over the phone for us as it was the first day it opened.We had to get there by, say, 4pm to pay and pick them up but didn't get there till 5. We lost our tickets. There was then "what to see?" For the time we had before getting the train back there were 2 choices, Amytiville Horror or Black Stallion. It was my birthday so I chose Amytyville Horror,which was the wrong choice apparantly as L' spat the dummy and high tailed it home vowing never to speak to me again.(she did for a couple more years). My other friend and I watched the horror movie, but it was hard to enjoy thinking I should have agreed to the horsey movie.

Vic and I again this time 79/.80 and not a birthday ....I think we'd read the book and decided to see the movie The Champ at the drive In. By this time I had a car , a 68 Morris mini 1100 that didn't like rain. It rained. We got 5 minutes into the half hour drive home when the heavens opened and Ethel...that was the said minis's name......stopped.Late.At. Night. No mobile phones in those days. We had to wait for it to stop raining, dry the distributer and spray it with WD40.We weren't worried about being attacked we were worried about getting home by our agreed time. Our parents were fearsome.

This is the movie I didn't see. Dressed to kill. My aunt had hired the movie .The movie starts with a shower sex scene,my Dad say's we're not watching this rubbish, get's up and turns the TV OFF!! We are all just sitting there.......... This 1980.. I was 17! My aunt waited for him to go to bed and watched it later!

1981 Dating my now husband, we headed to the drive in .. double feature ,Cheech and Chong Still Smokin' and Life of Brian de do de do de do de do All..ways look on the siiide of life de do de do de do de do........

'83 now a new all night dusk till dawn marathon at the drive in....Friday 13th 1 2 3 and a couple of other movies...I lasted 3 movies, think I slept through the third......and it got cold and we ran out of food.......and we went home.

Not long after that we got beta video machine and hired movies to watch at home. shhh some we taped off the TV,back then there was a huge hue and cry of it being illegal to do. We bought a big rear projection tv in 1986 and I remember the first movie we saw on it was Neverending Story.I think movies didn't go to video until at least a year later back then. We rarely went to the movies unless it was to take the kids....I really like Aladdin....hmm Little Mermaid wasn't bad either...

Kids getting more manageable so in '97 took them to the Drive In, George of the Jungle was showing on one of the twin screens,the other movie was My Best Friends Wedding, Gem and I tried watching both movies, Gem kept asking for food and drink so we could see more while getting food .We took them to the Drive In a few times ,wanted them to experience it before they all disappeared. I think to this day there is one....only in left in Australia.

Harry Potter series.. I think 2005 is the last time we "took" the kids to the movies, taking them to an old ,and I mean old theatre in Cowra NSW. The seats were the hard old brass sides and flip up cushion ones where you need the muscle of Conan to push it down ,hold it down somehow with your knee while you flip and sit, if you miss the seat flips back up. The kids take themselves now and have taken me(how did that happen??) once or twice!!

My hubby thought it was a great idea to buy a set of these seats to use for the projector screen, so we have a row of 3. He recovered them in black ,stained the wood and they look gorgeous....but why would you want to sit in them for 2 hours? So we made him put the lounge back and the movie seats look pretty under the window.Useless but pretty.

So.. I haven't been to the movies for ages,last one was The Women, with Gemma..bloody hell I just googled, that was 2008.....

I need grandkids so I can drag them to the movies with me so I won't look like a loser watching kids movies.


  1. I really enjoyed this post, a right trip down memory lane. I love going to the movies and I really like the idea of going to a Drive In Movie - how cool!

  2. Your blog doesn't suck at all, at all and The Life of Brian is the second best film ever made!

  3. Did I read that right? Your friend stopped speaking to you because you chose Amityville Horror? Wow.

    For the record, I would have probably chosen that one too.

    This was a very fun post to read!!

  4. Wow, drive-ins! I have fond memories of them as well. Blankets, pillows, our pajamas on, the works. Just thinking about it gives me that cozy, safe feeling. I usually stayed awake while my brother fell asleep. ;)

    Some notes:

    Freaky Friday. Wow! I still love the original over the remake. I remember fantasizing over Barbara Harris and wishing that I could trade bodies with her. Ha ha! Too much.

    The Amityville Horror. I've seen that house. My grandfather drove past it. I grew up on Long Island, NY, and that's where the real "Amityville Horror" is, in Amityville! There was a real murder case there - the whole family was killed in their sleep. But the demons and ghosties were invented for the movie, of course. People do buy the property, but after a year or two, they move away. Chalk it up to evil spirits or the like, but I do also know that many people drive by, walk by, or knock on the door asking to see the house. Maybe they get tired of the random harassment and leave.

    I adored our VCR. My parents finally got it for us, since I was taping the sound off my favorite movies by holding an audio cassette recorder up to TV speaker. I told everyone to shush if they even made the slightest peep! So the VCR was a godsend for everyone, ha ha! We taped off the TV too, but maybe the cries of "illegal" weren't heard in the 'States. We taped e v e r y t h i n g. We didn't have a Betamax, but our neighbors did. We had VHS.

    Thanks for this post! Like Lyndylou, I really enjoyed it and it brought me back. :)

  5. DH is really into movies, but I'm not (just can't sit still that long, I guess). He is not into the movie chairs, but loves his big commercial popcorn machine!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this! I can honestly say, hand on heart, I've never seen The Amityville Horror and probably never will.

    I remember going to see The Champ and bawling my eyes out in the cinema. Another one was E.T. I also remember going to see Grease, which I enjoyed, but the one I really wanted to see and wasn't allowed to, was Saturday Night Fever - hmph!

  7. We must be about the same age, I'm having mad flash backs. I'm sure this is just shortly before hot flashes.

  8. lyndylou, thanks..I love doing these kinds of posts,no drive in's in scotland?

    Bill Y...thanks and.....Ok I'll bite...what is the best film ever made?

    Dina ..Yep you read right, caught the train an hour home, 15 mins after it took her an hour to get there! LOL. glad you liked it :)

    Amy...yeah I miss the drive in's. VHS killed them. Think theres still one up near the gold coast in Qld we used to take the kids when we lived up their Pj's to, like us as kids, yes LOL
    I don't think I'd like to live in that house either, all the gawkers too much.
    We used to tape all the music off a show called Countdown,same thing mike up against the speaker and everyone shussh, someone was guaranteed to bang the front screen door shut LOL I forgot to put in that up until a few years ago wht with pain medication etc, I always fell asleep at the movies,no one wanted to take me lol they were all give me the $15 you're going to sleep through it anyway LOL

    Bub lol hhah I was allowed to see sat night fever :) saw grease and also cried my way through kramer vs kramer.

    mrs tuna...hmm it probably is flashbacks then hot flashes...yep in that order .

  9. I have seen most of the movies. I especially love Mary Poppins.

  10. But I *will* give them something, Bernadette (ha! got your name from the twitter!)...I'll give them happiness. And glitter. And maybe a tummy-ache.

    You're welcome for the award! I don't know HOW I wasn't already following, but I am now!!!

  11. How fun! A trip down memory lane via popular movies. Loved it!

    We still go to the drive-in. There's one right by our house. We actually bought mini-van seats to lug with and an air mattress for the truck bed. Me and Hubby sit on the van seats with our cooler of alcoholic beverages, any kids sit on the air mattress in the truck bed with a giant jar of assorted candy and we usually bring in Chinese food or Pizza to enjoy.

    The only thing we actually buy at the drive-in is popcorn. It's some of the best times we have ever shared!

  12. A trip down memory lane, but not because I saw all those movies. Sure, I heard about them all, but have only seen Amityville Horror, Meteor, and Dressed To Kill. Yeah, I'm a big horror/psycho movie fan... OK, Meteor wasn't technically a horror movie, but I guess Sean Connery counts as a psycho ;-)

  13. Hi!!!! Found you through the RDC weekend links!

    Love your choice of movies to reminisce about. Bedknobs & Broomstick, and Mary Poppins, are two of my childhood favorites.


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