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Friday, April 15, 2011

Party like it’s $19,999

This is the promo for the 7pm Project tonight, apparently a story about people spending massive amounts on kids birthday parties, themed, catered, entertainment etc........ 20,000 dollars???

The pictures above look like way too much work for me, though I guess if I had 20 grand to spare I could pay someone to do it all. It just looks so .....stressful. Having everything perfect is way too stressful for me, I couldn't be bothered really. Not just sayin cos I don't have the dollars, It kind of looks...boring, if I was a kid. No food fights at that party, my kids would have been scared of spilling a drink wait....I 'd be scared the kids would spill their drinks.

I did give in and give the kids a party each........ or 3. They each had a first birthday party ,Chloe had her first birthday in hospital ,some 400km from home. She was born with bilateral uroteric reflux and had both the ureters repaired. It was supposed to be a 2 week stay but , a blocked ureter and and kidney surgery later we finally got home after 7 weeks. The birthday party was fun, my mum and sister came and we had chips, lollies and birthday cake with the long term kids, who sadly are no longer on the earth vibration.
Gemma's 1st , was at home when we lived down the South Coast and we had a BBQ with the family and the neighbour kids. When Danny turned 1 we, went to a gorgeous beach called Greenpatch, with a nice park for the kids to run around,we had a picnic lunch, cake and lollies and some grandpeople who didnt belong to us, came over and gave Danny money.
Later, in Brisbane, we had a themed party each, Chloe had a bike party ,where all the kids brought there bikes over (or rollerblades) and they road round and round the yard, we did have some games, but they were just happy to play. Gemma had a fairy themed party and a Disco party another time. Danny had a pirate party for his 5th but by this time I was pretty weary and sore with arthritis so Mcdonalds and Pizza hut party's were his lot.
If they didn't have party, they had a pseudo party, 2 friends to stay overnight, pizza and movies of their choice. I think they had fun,I haven't had any far.
None of their parties cost over $80 including the food, theme decorations, take home treats and prizes for the few games we had.

On another party note, Gemma and her boyfriend Aaron have just announced they are engaged, it's come pretty quickly, but even though they've only been together for a few months, they've known each other a while. Les and I got engaged after only a few months so we can't be all "it's too soon". I just hope they hold off the wedding for a while so we can save some dollars and help out. Is it still tradition for the brides parents to pay for the wedding???? Please tell me not all of it ...sigh. It will be a budget wedding if it is.......we could have a pirate theme, I know how to make the cake............

treasure chest cake I made for pirate theme


  1. $20,000 on a birthday?? Bah thats the same spent on my Guests! Birthdays in our house are bbqs, albe them big due to my familys extendedness. The kids are too young to

  2. We always had at-home birthday parties for the kids and also had no complaints.

    We did pay for my daughter's wedding. Why are we so traditional? We figured that since we only had one daughter, what the heck. :)

  3. My kids loved having at-home parties with cute themes - I got to be a pro at it! I think these kids with $20,000 birthdays are going to grow up expecting a little too much out of life!

  4. Congratulations on your daughter's engagement! I like the idea of the pirate themed wedding. My parents paid for our wedding, so it's still done sometimes. We were very grateful to them.

    We try to have as cheap a birthday party as possible. It still comes out expensive though with all the party plates and cups. But I'm talking 100-200 dollars, not 20,000.

  5. YAY on the engagement! Let's just hope they don't see the show on the expensive parties! I saw part of a show like that and I couldn't believe kids get stuff I make and that's it!!!

  6. I have always gone a bit nuts for the boys B-days.

    But like $200 nuts, not $200K nuts.

    That's seriously commitable crazy.

    Wedding costs? No. Bride's parents usually contribute, but don't pay for the whole thing. Especailly if the bride and groom are already working or living out of the house. One thing you can do is offer to pay of a large ticket item like the dress, reception, DJ etc.

    Too bad I can't come down... I'd love to make her dress. :)

  7. 20k for a birthday party?! What is wrong with people?!

  8. Those $20k parties actually are not stressful, because you pay someone else to organize it, wet it up, run it, and clean it up. All you have to do is show up and write the check.

    Yay on the engagement! Here in the US, it mostly seems like either the couple and both sets of parents or just the couple pay for the wedding.

  9. Wow...$20k? That is pretty nuts...although the theme is absolutely beautiful, I must say!!

    My parents paid for my wedding 10 years ago and I think my dad is still paying it off... :)

  10. That sure is a lot of money for a kid's birthday party. I didn't even spend $20,000 on my wedding! Or shall I say my parents didn't.

    As for paying for the wedding. I don't know if things have changed but when I got married the bride's (my) parents paid for it. But I know that a lot of couples pay for their own weddings too.

  11. All of my kids were born in the winter months so the house suffered at party time. Though we did manage one outside one warm spring.

    My daughter and her fiancé will be richer than us when they finish their studies so they'll probably end up paying for us to go to their wedding too.

    Congratulations to Gemma and Aaron!

  12. Dansta, agreed, I miss family bbq's ,always good fun, then sigh when they all go home lol

    Portia,I think it helps them not to expect so much.
    It's nice to help with the wedding where you can.We only had one, now we have two,luckily Chloes weddings not till 2015., we had fun with ours too. 20k is huge, where the heck do you go from there??

    Dina: Thankyou :) ha a pirate themed wedding lol she did think of 20's gangster.............we are helping where we can, but it means cutting costs. lol, youre like me, I think 100 bucks is dear lol

    Lizbeth, thanks, she has a box full of bridal books, but shes a realist thank the universe...

    Julianna: I'm $100 nuts lol
    aww shame :( she found a gorgeous lace dress on ebay, very reasonable and with good feedback,so i'm getting that this week.

    steph: a lot!too much money not enough sense!

    OMSoap, ahh I wish i could win lotto,lol
    we are all putting in for the wedding.Hoping it can be all done under 2 or 3 k.altogether and still be nice.

    ameena: sounds like you had a big wedding?

    stefani: we would pay for the lot if we werent pensioners, but they are putting in some, we are and his parents too.

    Anji, LOL at inside parties. That sounds cool to have rich kids pay for you to go places :P
    thanks, will pass it on :)


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