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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stylish Moi!!!

Ami over at Ami.Mental thinks my blog is stylish. woohoo :) She would know, as hers is stylish :),so stylish she just got a Stylish award , takes one to know one!!! hehe

As an acceptance speech I have to tell you 7 things you don't know about me. I'm not sure I have 7 more, I'm a pretty open book here. Heres 7 from my.... LOL award.
Awards...My head will not fit through the door soon!

I'll give it a go though.........

1...I was given this one......
I have an amazing pseudo niece ,I've adopted and become Aunty B to. It's amazing,I was childhood friends with her mother, who I had a falling out with many years ago,so we don't speak, but I accidentally found her daughter on Facebook . I told her I should have been her Aunty, as her mum was an only child and we'd each other Sis. She had fallen out with her mum as well, and... we've just connected, I had a close bond with her mum as a kid,so she feels like family to me. She really is amazing, she has been plagued with health problems and has a disability, yet she gives to the community, works a full time job with kids, lives independantly and juggles it all with grace and humour.
We've been planning to meet in person for about a year, but things happen..... and it goes wrong and we get waylaid. The best one was when we tried to meet at the airport and I got there and we were in different airports in different states!
She has her own blog the hyper aspie ,go take a look ,she has a great sense of humor and fun.

2. I fleetingly though about becoming a nun once, because I knew a few nice ones. I used to teach Sunday school at a Catholic Church. Don't get too excited ,I was about 13 or 14, and taught pre-schoolers,it was pretty much babysitting. I had to try to get them to say the Lords Prayer, which drove me to despair, it was too long ,I made an executive decision and we did a Hail Mary. I got them drawing or I read them a story,then we went across to Mass, where I was supposed to keep 15 squirmy 4 year olds quiet and stop them shouting "Where is the toilet Miss?" and "Todd is picking his nose and wiping it on me" for an hour.

3. My favourite colour (pinched one of Ami's ideas here) is Purple.
I have had purple couches, purple curtains,table runners,cushions......not all at the same time,that.... would be too much purple. We painted our house a shade of purple too. Both my daughters have inherited my love for purple too, all my purple was sort of immersion therapy.

4. I'm the last one to get a joke. Everyone will be laughing, and I'm still trying to figure out why.

5. I like trivia. Thats probably not that much of a shock to you really.

It comes from growing up a with a mum who shouted answers at the tele in the mad minute of Sale of the Centrury(please hear the echo box as you read Sale of the Century)
I'd be the kid with the book of know... superstitions, unusual deaths of famous people,famous ends of things etc. Did you know................. ??? Yes I was that kid.

6. I grew up in a tiny pocket cut out of the bush in the Royal National Park ,Sydney. When I was a baby it was a "take a picnic lunch its so far out" place,now it's no distance.
There was always threat of bushfires and the road to Western Sydney (when i was a kid,out to the country) was often closed and we would have our relatives for a few days instead of for the day or night.

7. I have moved too many times and so even though I have lived here for 6 years I have no firm physical friends. All my good friends are online or on telephone.
I just read that back...... firm physical friends ..hah...I have no squishy ones either .

Done! That was like pulling teeth, Thanks for that Ami ...,
I think you lot know more about me than I do.

Ok now pick 7...or not...aww I can't not....

Being Amy transwoman with style ,great person,great friend love ya Amy !

Julianna @Surviving boys shes so funny...I mean stylish

Narislife I think we were separated at she must be stylish ,my evil stylish twin

Dina that weird American who's obsessed with Australia shes super stylish ,she's obsessed with Australia,does that include hehe Dina has an unusual stream of conscious writing style...she writes like I speak hehe. No comments on the blog,but you can comment on the blogs facebook page

CakeBetch@hotmesschrinicles she's ..just....sooooo............stylish. go peek, much fun to be had here....water can go to hell !!!

pearl-whyyoulittle stylish stories...and funny

All my new friends on my reading list please accept the award also,you're all stylish bloggers or you wouldn.t be on my reading list.


  1. Awe! Thanks!

    I love how you call your mother "Mum". We say mom here in the US... I have always called my mother Mum. so much so that people thought I was spelling it wrong all through school. :)

  2. Congrats on the award and loved the 7 things. Very interesting!!

  3. Yes, I am totally obsessed with you. Of course!

    I love your "firm physical friends". I have one. Most of my friends are of the squishy online type.

    I love #4. But don't you ever wonder whether the people quickly getting the jokes are just fake laughing because they don't want to look dumb?

    Thanks for giving me a mention!

  4. I can be a squishy friend! :)

  5. I used to teach Sunday school too, then I learnt about ... boys! I'm with you on purple

  6. Congrats on your stylish blog award! I do enjoy your blog. I know what it's like to have no firm friends. I have a few here where I live now but I spend most of my time at home instead of out and mingling. I'm still that kid that does the "Did you know....?" thing to people, sometimes I wonder if what I tell them actually sticks or if it goes in one ear and out the other.

  7. Hoorah! I am famous and I am #1 - just the way it should be!!! :P

    By the way, you've always been "Aunty B" - That's what we grew up knowing you as.

  8. That's a pretty purple house. :-)

  9. If I ever drive by, now I know what your house looks like. I'm gonna stop and knock on the door. You'd better invite me in. :)

  10. I take awhile to catch on to jokes too!
    That little wiener dog in the bun was the cutest thing though...not as cute as you!!! See, I'm seriously hitting on you lust has no end!
    Your comment at my place was hilarious! it is like a brothel, well called !

  11. Yay for trivia!! i am totally addicted to trivia. i always watch jeopardy, i have bookshelves full of trivia books, and i go to a pub quiz night every week with some friends. Hurrah for useless knowledge!

  12. I just read this, and wow, thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I love your blog too! :D

    Oh, and I adore purple. Maybe too much. I have five purple lipsticks, but I only use two of them on a regular basis.

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