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I'm made it past 50! married for over half my life, have 3 kids all grown and I'm loving this part of my life.I was a nurse in my younger days but an unhealthy dose of rheumatoid arthritis put a damper on my career,so I'm at home with the internet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I accidentally forgot

Well my nanopomo commitment went by the wayside.
Excuse #1 My daughter borrowed her own laptop back
Excuse #2 When I got said computer back....I.....I.................I........dammit I got nuthin.

I am about 3 days behind.I'll do them as a meme to catch up.

Thursday, March 3

How far away do you currently live from where you were born? How did you get there?

I live south west of Sydney about 4 hours from where I was born.It gets cold enough to snow here in winter...but it never does. Getting hit in the face by icy rain is as close to snow as we get. I got here the long way round. After we married and had the eldest we lived down the south coast of NSW for about 4 yrs ,had 2 more kiddies then headed up to Queensland and spend 10years up there in various places before heading down here.Somewhere in all the moving we also lived In Wallerawang near Lithgow. The kids saw snow just up the road from there in a place called Sunny Corner.

This is where we live now...guaranteed a parking spot.

The scenery makes up for the lack of a shopping mall.It's a quiet place, pretty and easy to live in.

Friday, March 4, 2011

What's your favorite thing you love to waste time with right now? A guilty pleasure.

Blogging, It's guilty because I spend so much time here, not always writing, but reading and thinking up witty repartee for commenting,though it's rarely witty.There's always someone pesky wanting a cuppa or food, or a lift when I get " what are you doing? are you on that blog again?" its....."noooooooo.........maybe.........whats your point?"

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Monday, March 6, 2011

What's one thing that scares you right now, and why should you make a real effort to face that fear and do it anyway?

Getting up on the dance floor to dance at a party. I just recently made the effort.I spent so long walking with a stick and only able to wear flat shoes that now I'm mobile again and actually own a pair of heels again, I should get up and do things.Including dancing.I'm just used to not doing things that involve moving and effort.And I'm of the larger variety of woman,so it feels a little confronting and scary. Last saturday we went to a birthday function...I got up and joined in for Nutbush City Limits....hubby spent the song at the table with his eyes covered. ............

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do you have a good memory for some things and not others?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Do you have a good memory for some things and not others?

I remember things from years ago but I can't remember what I just opened the google search page for 2 seconds ago.

here's a post on what I cant remember I can't find my and these two posts are what I do remember memories more memories

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's your favorite word?

Now we're up to date. My favourite word is accidental. So many things in life are accidental. I accidentally met my husband. He was chatting up my friend.

I googled accidental.....omy, heres some of the results

accidentaly unnasisted homebirth......ouch

accidentally shot......ouch

accidental pirate..........???

accidental pregnancy......ooops.....ouch

accidental inventions...

accidental does that happen?

accidental spy.....those two words are contradictory,I'm sure?

accidental sexiness ....

I was looking through old newspapers for my family tree when I came across an article dated 18 June 1915 with the heading SUICIDE and ACCIDENTAL DEATH.It was from a Coroner's hearing about the deaths of Mr George Wiscombe, florist 45yrs and Edith De Vere Hunt widow,39. Mr Winscombe had told the witness that he was incurably ill and headed to bed. Edith checked on him some time later and found him dead. She swooned into a faint.On coming to ,she telephoned a friend of Mr Wiscombes who brought a constable.They found Edith in a swoon over the body and carried her out. When she came to she asked the witness to get her some Bromo-selzer.He went into the room where there were 2 bottles on the mantle and he grabbed one.He gave her a teaspoon in a glass of water ,She said there was too much water and added another teaspoon.Edith drank it down and immediately collapsed and was dead 3 or 4 minutes later.The Coronor found that Winscombe had committed suicide by poison in the Bromo-selster bottle and that Edith accidentaly consumed the same poison and died.

There you go, you wouldn't read about it, as they say...only you have.


  1. That suicide/accidental death story is wild. So, those are your relatives? It reminds me of Romeo and Juliet.

    I can be really self-conscious about dancing sometimes, so I can relate to what you said there.

  2. Hi Dina, no not my relatives lol though the de Vere surname is.

    once upon a time I used to dance the night away...usually after drinking copious amounts of tequila LOL

  3. Drinking and dancing is the only way to do it. Unfortunately, I'm such a lightweight that I tend to end up needing to dance in my chair.

  4. I accidentally peed my pants a little when I saw the words "accidental pirate". How awesome is THAT, that I could become a pirate and not even MEAN to!

    OH and? You have an award waiting for you over at Glitter Frog! Aaaargh, Matey!

  5. Nari is right about drinking and dancing. I'm not a pro, so I can't imagine dancing while sober.

    My favorite words all end in -ft... raft is the best of all.

  6. Glad to see you are all caught up. I hate when I'm behind the eight ball... right now I am so far behind I think I'm playing the wrong game. -J

  7. I just put 'I can't find my' into Google.

    That was entertaining.

    I read someone's blog today who put in 'Why are Christians so___'>

    That was interesting, too.

    Keep blogging daily. It's good for you.

  8. "Accidental pirate"? I'm trying to figure out how one becomes a pirate accidentally. Or, is it when someone is passed out drunk and people dress you up and draw on your face?

  9. Nari, I used to be able to drink sooo much, now 2 rum and cokes and I can't feel my legs...

    vicki.. I wonder how many accidental pirates there are? would a parrot on a shoulder be a clue do you think?
    Thanks! I like awards lol and an unsucky award is brilliant :)

    cube...hmm raft...hmmm I wish I had a raft of money :)

    Julianna...I'm the same. I'm behind on EVERYTHing....I'm jsust marking time really

    Ami...hahah I did it too lol you can waste a fair bit of time in google hey...
    I'm trying,some of the prompts are unispiring so I'll jsut go off on my own tangent as usual

    soapbox...I didn't read that far...but ...sounds likely lol

  10. That's ironic, eh? Talk about crappy luck. Some days it's not worth chewing through the straps.

  11. WW..I think its accidental for me thats for sure lol

    dani hehe chewing threw the straps :)


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