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Monday, April 25, 2011

while they lie sleeping we can say what we like

I haven't seen anyone all week other than hubby and the happy coulple,and they havn't obliged me with anything blogworthy. I really enjoy these old newspaper clippings,so I'll share a few with you.
When I leave this mortal coil, I can only hope nice things are said about me,or at least I'm thought of for something other than this:

Judgemental bastardry..the following are exerpts from an 1866 letter to the newspaper, justifying his reasons for refusing to bury "the corpse" delivered to his church.

HA, theres always someone wants to stir the pot, bring someone DOWN!

I don't know what "kicker" was but appears to be a type of "blog" written in the 1800's for publication in newspapers. I got a kick out of it .....

"The boys took him for a horsethief and laid him away".....I love that line.............


  1. Brilliant! I love how Mr Bevin had a heart attack after hearing there was to be a strike lol

  2. OMG, can you believe they write about hemmorhoids or anal pistules? These are the funniest things I've read today. Sad but funny none the less. Thanks!!!

  3. I'm just going to stick with writing blog posts and posting them for future dates. That way, if I die suddenly, I'll be like I'm speaking from beyond the grave. :)

  4. I love these! They crack me up!

  5. Note to self: write your own obituary before someone else does....


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