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Friday, April 1, 2011

Fool me once...

clocApril Fools Day!

It's not something we "celebrate" but I love to see what other people think of. I love it when whole cities of people are fooled on this day.......

This April fools trick ,I fell was 1975 and I was 12. We had just been introduced to sounded right to me.

A television program,This Day Tonight on the ABC was similar to A current Affair but ,without the product testing, announced that METRIC TIME, was being introduced into Australia. We'd not long changed over to metric measurements and it was only 9 yrs since decimal currency. The Metric Time system would have seconds become millidays, minutes become centidays, and hours become decidays.The progmramme showed the then South Australian deputy Premier recomending it and how it would work. Adelaide's Town Hall clock was converted to a 10-hour clock face.
It had viewers ringing the television station for information and complaints from retailers with angry customers.

On april 1st 1978 ,my last year of high school, An iceberg floated into Sydney Harbour.True ! Only it wasn't.
Dick Smith, a well known Australian businessman,had been on radio and TV saying he was going to tow an iceberg from Antarctica. He was going to turn it into icecubes and sell them.
Radio(no live satelites then) gave a running commentary on the iceberg into the harbour and people rushed down to Circular Quay and the harbour foreshore to watch it come in. It looked fantastic unitl it got into the harbour and it rained....washing away the firefoam and shaving cream..............

In 2009 in Melbourne about 400 carowners woke to find their cars wrapped in clingwrap on the morning of April 1st. A note was left "Happy April Fools Day love Evie''.

Happy April Fools Day...hope you weren't pranked too badly today.


  1. My son may get some idea's here. ;) He's cracking up saying all sorts of silly stuff--happy saturday (it's not), I'm thirsty (he's not), I farted (he didn't)...he's seven and loving all the jokes he's making...

  2. So far I've been okay but I was fooled for a split second when my boyfriend's father texted me and said his daughter in law (my boyfriend's sister in law) was pregnant again. I about fell out of my chair (as she does not need to be pregnant again). Now he's telling HER that I'M pregnant. NICE.

  3. I LOVE the metric time thing. That's awesome.

    I've been fooled twice already...or 2.5 times. And then there's one thing someone wrote, and I don't know if it's a joke or not. I'll have to wait and see.

    I love being fooled. One of the best was a year or so ago. There was an Australian blog I was following. This family planned to do a three month caravan trip of Australia. They were so excited, and we were excited for them. Then they announced that they had to cancel their trip. I was so sad for them. But it ended up being a joke.

    I think that's the nice thing about April Fool's Day. Hearing bad news, and then learning it's not really happening. It would be very cruel to give REALLY bad news, But I think sort-of bad news is okay.

    I mean I wouldn't be pleased if someone said "I have cancer" as their joke. That would be a bit too much.

  4. The metric time prank was diabolically funny. It's getting harder and harder to fool anyone because everyone's guard is up now.

    Last year I posted that my blog had reached its Closing Time . I felt bad after reading the comments. I guess I'm losing the evil practical joker part of me as I mellow with age.

  5. my wee sister tried to fool me this morning by sending me a message on facebook saying she was pregnant!

    I had a moment of wtf? But I didn't react cos she has not long finished treatment for cancer and therefore not allowed to be pregnant so she wasn't happy when I didn't give it "oh my god!" She says I am too clever for her! tee hee hee

  6. Australia sounds like a fun place to be on April 1st.

  7. I will wait until the 2nd to visit, Thanks!

    Seriously? 400 cars in cling wrap? Who has that kind of time?

  8. Millions of years ago, I auditioned for a part in The Commitments which was shot here in Dublin. The auditions were held in a football stadium. I didn't get a part but a couple of days later I was asked to come back for a second audition. I headed back to the stadium to find an empty venue and it slowly dawned on me that the band i was playing with at the time had set me up on an April's fools prank. To this day, I applaud them for it.

  9. An iceberg made of shaving cream! Too funny!

    Well, it wasn't on April Fool's Day, but when we were younger, my brother and I took a basketball and wrapped in a white sheet to make it look like a ghost. We hung it by my sister's door, and watched, peering down the hall from our bedrooms. My sister wouldn't take her eyes off the thing. She just kept saying, "mommy" real quietly. Poor thing! ;)

  10. Lisbeth..that reminded me of my kids when they were little LOL I'd forgotten that ,so thanks :)

    Cake Betch...haha the old preggers trick lol If someone said I was preggers they'd be surely checking for april 1st on the calendar lol

    Dina... yeah even after all these years metric time is still funny.
    I agree,some tricks are too much.

    Cube... thats funny that they all fell for it, the date is right above the title.....LOL having said that,I'd probably have missed it too lol

    lydnylou... the preggers ones are getting old , we can see them coming :)

    Nari...., yes, just stay intoors,don't watch tv or listen to the radio and you'll be fine LOL

    Juliana...time? meh..who has that much money?,thats a lot of cling wrap

    BillY ...thats awesome!!!!

    AMY !!!Thats hilarious :)

  11. I am seriously behind on your blog. April 1st is my birthday. I've never had a problem with it and people always seem to remember! It's kind of cool.


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