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Saturday, February 12, 2011

YAY an award

Unaccustomed as I am to speaking...................I've written some notes on the back of my hand...

Many thanks to twighlightgazing for the LOL award,i love it :) I have secretly coveted one of these,and since I don't think I'm very funny, I thought I'd be coveting for longer.

This award comes with some rules,not many thank goodness,not that I don't follow rules,I do....well I have good intentions of following rules ,but I do have a poor memory and need a bit of a hit upside the head with the rule book occasionally.

ok rule 1...Link to the person who gave you the award.....easy...thanks twilightgazing. Love your blog ,glad I found you :)

rule 2...Pass the award on to 7 other people who make you laugh....Oh ... and let them know they have an award,which I will have to do tonight or I will forget.

rule 3...Say 7 things thats people don't know about you or at least you think they don't know. This will be a hard task for me,i'm a blabbermouth and most things about me are out there already.

rule 4...Pass the rules on.... ok got all that?

7 things about me no one knows.............hmmmm...........brain ticking....give me a minute...........maybe more than a minute.........


1...I was a mad ABBA fan in 1977/78. I was 14/15, my walls were covered with posters,I babysat every weekend I could and used all the money to buy the LP's(for the young people,they were big round black things that went under a needle on a turntable) and magazines that I could glean info and pictures for my scrapbook.My friend used to dress as Agnetha and I would dress as Frieda.No, I never had satin hotpants, thanks for asking. I had a ticket for their concert in Sydney but my father refused to let me go because of the huge storm. BAH!!! I cried buckets.

2...I have been mistaken for Asian all my life. Odd really because I have the UK convict ancestors and Italian grandparents on Dads side. People (usually drunk) would try and guess my nationality. And my middle daughter has the same now,only she looks Polynesian.

3. I sang at the Sydney Opera House. True. The Concert Hall,no less. It was me and about 20 of my schoolmates in a choir,in a school Choral Concert competition.Along with 20 other schools. We were the first group to sing there in 1974. The Opera House had only opened in December,so it was hugely exciting. We all wore white. The sound was amazing,I stopped singing so I could listen for a few minutes.

4. I hadn't kept in touch very well with any school friends, and to my joy (thankyou facebook)I've now caught up with my first best friend from Kindergarten. We were friends right through primary school, walked the gauntlet into highschool together on the 1st day,but got put in different classes. For 2 years we had separate friends but were good friends again in our last 2 years of school.Once we left school though,life took us in different directions.We are still in different parts of the country but ti doesn't matter. Its been awesome to find each other again and we seem to have picked up where we left off. Everything's changed but nothings changed.

In the photo I am middle row 1st child on left K is 4th from left.

5...I cannot not eat chocolate. If it's in front of me,it's gone. If it's the last's mine!

This is not me in the photo.Kind of you to ask.

6... I feed my family on about $150au a fornight.this includes groceries as well. I make it stretch...far. After all the bills are paid or put away for, and bits squirreled for xmas and the Bali fund,thats all thats left. We don't each much meat. But I have to borrow off hubby for cigarette money dammit.(and he makes me pay it back)

7...I can pretty much sleep anywhere, tv on ,people talking etc,so long as its not loud repetative noise and I'm reasonably comfy,I can sleep.I'm that person snoring loudly on the train or plane or on your couch.

7 blogs to pass the award on to

sandra @ absolutelynarcissism she probably has a dozen or so of's one more...she absolutely cracks me up :)

lemon gloria always a funny post, I enjoy reading.

lyndylou @ the giggle fest....the name speaks for itself :) I'm not the first to give her one of these...she will have no secrets !!!

Bill Y @ It's good to mock...even though he hates Bon Jovi

This took longer than a real blog!!!



  1. Thanks for the award, I got one a month or so ago that also required me to think of 7 things to share. Somehow I know I can come up with 7 more embarassing facts.

  2. Hi!

    I liked reading the facts about you. It's funny that people think you're Asian.

    I'm glad you were reunited with your kindergarten friend. That's really awesome.

  3. Congrats on your award and thanks for sharing with me.

    I also like Abba.

  4. Thank you so much! I appreciate it! And I love ABBA! And I can't pass up a piece of chocolate. If it is within reach, it must be eaten asap.

  5. I cannot not eat chocolate either. This is a problem seeing that chocolate is surrounding me today!

    Thank you for the award my friend! You are too sweet and kind and I appreciate it.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. You're not the woman covered in chocolate? Do you know her? Where can I find her? Heheh!

    If you want to sleep on our couch, floor, or inside the dryer, they're all yours. ;)

  7. Congratulations on the award. By the way, I am Asian and always get mistaken for Hispanic or Native American...go figure. I had shiny spandex hot pants, two pairs: black and red. Do they count?

  8. Mrs Tuna...ha yes me too...I'm just embarrasing really...

    Dina..Hi..thankswish my life was as interesting now. It is awesome catching up with her again, we have similar backgrounds and surprised us both how its been really important to us too.

    whispering....I like ABBA said it...out loud!!! lol

    Lemongloria...I've outed all the ABBA fans!!! mmmmmmmm chocolate ...I always WANT to keep some for later.....but.....mmmmm chocolate

    ameena... aaaw thanks :) did you eat all the choccies?hope you had a lovely day.

    Ahaha AMY ..nope not me...sigh...I have never looked like that.some random on the interweb that looooves chocolate lol,
    thankyou for the offer of the couch,floor or dryer would love to take you up on that one day.

    Nari..thanks, they definately count!!!
    I mistook Ameenas daughter for Italian the other my defence I hadn't seen any other pictures other than ameenas profile pic which is mostly her hair!!! LOL

  9. Got to love the wonders of the internet these days. Being able to keep in touch with people that you haven't seen in what seems like forever. Or people that you no longer live near but want to keep up from time to time. Great way to connect. Although with all of them right there I still have a hard time keeping in touch.
    Singing in the opera house concert hall, must have been amazing. I got a bit jealous when I read that.
    No comment on the ABBA though, haha.

  10. Rhet... It is amazing..I have about 300 facebook friends, well over 100 of them are exteneded family on both my parents sides and my husbands side.Some from school some friends from the various places we've lived,some are the kids friends who just add me,I have no idea why, and some from the old Big Brother forums( I know,I know) and then the friends made through the addictive games.
    Same, its still impossible to converse with all of them lol

    The Opera House was amazing and a treasured memory.Jealous of moi? cool lol
    ABBA..what can I say?


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