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Saturday, April 30, 2011

No beans for you, but the church has a steeple,cars are better than mums

Busy week.....for me as the usual pace around here is.........snail.
We have a hall for the wedding, its a lovely old building,and has an excellent kitchen and a full working bar. It sits empty and unused a lot of the time and just thinking about the dusting was hard work, but we are lucky, there is a wedding there the week before........,so.....they will have done all the hard work for us.
We found a wall under the stairs that has little notes written by people, the occasion,like the cricket club movie night in 1921, men only ,along with the name of the movie . There were many movies shown in the 20's and Dances in the 1940's.Behind the stage we had fun poking around in a cupboard full of old props and makeup from when a theatre group used to put on plays.

We had a's quite lovely,built in 1905 with a steeple and all the original features intact, but oddly has two narrow isles, one for walking down(literally its downhill) the isle and the other for walking back after the ceremony.It's a sweet little church, but alas, Gemma doesn't want the religious aspects in her wedding. There is a set format, with hymns, theres no getting away from God and Jesus in hymns lol She told the pastor that she is spiritual not religious,which makes sense to me, go back to the Celts before Jesus, before the Bible was brought to the western world, thats about where she is.
Besides husband to be could not possibly stand still for 45 minutes ........
Anyhoo ,she will use the celebrant, and have the wedding ceremony that they both want.

I took a drive into the countryside with Gemma and her MIL to look for the material for the bridesmaids dresses..ka..ching..done, beautiful ruby red, with a soft sheen,not a shine. Long day of walking, Wagga Wagga is the biggest inland town in Australia.It does have a lot of nice shops.

G6PD..anyone heard of this? I was a nurse in a busy kids ward for a long time and never came across this one.I swear no parent ever said to me, my kid can't have Fava beans or they will kill his/her red blood cells!

One of the things the army does ,is screen for everything.Danny has passed two complete physicals and fitness tests, about 8 vaccinations(one he already had at school but had to have again because I lost the slip...oops)and had blood taken. He told me he found out yesterday that he has this g6pd, only he said ...Golf,6,Papa ,Delta....cos thats the way he rolls now!

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency is an enzyme defect,characterised by abnormally low levels of the afforenamed enzyme.It causes the breakdown of red blood cells leading to heamolytic anemia and can even cause a heamolytic crisis where red blood cells are destroyed very quickly............Especially after eating FAVA beans ( I think they are also called Broad beans). Horrid things, he's definatly not missing out much there, he's never eaten one, at our house at least.
He also has to avoid sulphur drugs, asprin, soy based products and if he really wants to get fussy any legumes. He's never had a problem though and if he hadn't gone into the army ,he would not have known unless he had large doses of asprin, was given quinine for malaria or ate the horrid fava beans. The anti malarial is the main reason the army test for it.
it's also hereditary,so either Les or I have given it to him. We will both get tested soon, me especially since both my medications affect the blood and are excreted by the liver. Plus I would like to know where it came from.
It seems it was missed when he was a baby, looking back now,the signs were there, but mild. He was jaundiced after birth and we were a whisker away from having to be readmitted to go under the UV lights. At 3 weeks old he had an ear infection and was aneamic, but the GP said it was because he was breastfed and to give him Iron for a few months.He was never really sick growing up but It would explain the constant headaches and fatigue he had in highschool, again gp's didn't look very closely,just treated him for migraine. So luckily he seems to have a light dose of this thing and so long as he avoids the things he needs to he should never have any problems.

He phoned again tonight, standing at attention outside his barracks, you don't get anything for nothing in the army,there is always some discipline that goes with even a small treat. The platoon is excited that they get a CD player tomorrow night ,it seems such a small thing, but music is ambrosia when you're young.
He asked for a picture for his wall, Oh thats so nice I thought, but no not us......his... car ......Isabella,the old 1974 holden 1 tonner.
I'm going to throw a picture of us in the envelope just to crack him up,I should take one like that classic country pic with the serious couple and the ptichfork .


  1. Ya, you got me with the H6PD thing too...and I'm currently in nursing school, you'd think they'd see fit to at least mention this shit, right?

  2. Holy crap, that is some serious stuff. Like Sandra said, you'd think they would mention this more. I've never heard of it and I bet there are a ton of doctors who haven't either!

  3. So how do they treat it?

    Love the picture... too funny!

  4. I've never heard of G6PD- thats fascinating. And the church sounds beautiful!

  5. Sandra, you would think so hey! I don't remember learning much about any of the enzyme deficiencies actually, other than the phenylketoneuria one.

    bouncin Barb...unfunnily enough, it is apparently the most common enzyme definciency disease.

    Julianna, avoidance of the trigger foods and medications. Pretty much it.

    Stephanie...i should so do the picture lol Yes church is pretty, but she's going for celebrant and garden now.we jsut have to find a nice garden.

  6. The picture is called American Gothic. Love it! Weird about the enzyme thing. :(

  7. Hi Portia, thanks for name of pic, I couldn't remember it so googled, grim old couple with pitch fork ....

    Hyper LIKE them? bah, could you get any weirder bahahaha

  8. The really nice thing about the wedding is that, once it's all said and done and they are married, all you will remember is how much fun it was!

    I can't even imagine being suited for military life but I sure am grateful to those who are!

  9. The wedding planning sounds exciting, exhausting too!

    I've not heard of G6PD...interesting. Let us know the results! And fava beans are gross!

  10. G6PD? Never heard of it....

    Props to Gemma for being honest. I won't get married in a church, either (which will horrify my family, but I've horrified them already anyway).

  11. Getting ready for a wedding always happy but also too stressful.

  12. I'd not heard of G6PD either, but I know that knowledge of proteins has come a long way since I studied science in the university.

    Fava and lima beans are not tasty to me, but I do feel bad for your son not being able to other the other delicious legumes. Beans are the magical fruit ;-)

  13. I would be similar to Gemma with being spiritual rather than religious but marriage doesn't seem to care about this aspect of things at all. Psst, don't even mention to Jill Y that I said the word 'marriage'. Cheers

  14. *giggles*

    I would love if my mom sent me a picture like that.

  15. Emptynest... true, she wants a party people will remember as fun,not a formal affair, but still having some tradition to it.
    I couldn't be in the military..up at 6am to revelie ......ppfffffft.

    Lizbeth... wedding plans are fun, except when they change lol I haven't been for my test yet.

    soapy, I horrified mine at times too lol

    mrs Tuna, I think the stress will come.....sigh

    cube, he has a love of baby peas, I think he may be able to still have these as he's never had any aneamia so far.

    toot toot lol

    billwhy lips are sealed..., i sent it, he has it on his wall lol


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