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Sunday, May 15, 2011

2 weeks?

Wow, it's been 2 weeks since I updated the blog!
Time flies!
And its now cold,brrr cold.As I sit among my doona's with the electric blanket on it is below zero celcius .. -2 actually (28 for the ppl across the pond) and will be -4 in the morning. Today was about the same. I went out about 9 am to pick some parsley,crunched my way across the white grass,passed the water feature bowl that was covered in a layer of ice,to find the parsley frozen,oh well easier to chop.

I had both the open fire and the fuel stove going all day today, and we still had cardigans on inside.It's a large area to try and heat now that we've pulled all the walls out and made one big L shaped room.
It did turn out a lovely day outside in the sun though, which was a "phew' moment' ,as Chloe &Jess and her parents and Gemma & Aaron were all over for a BBQ lunch. It felt like Christmas, mainly because for the past 6 years we've been here we haven't had the opportunity to entertain,except at Christmas,so it was lovely to cook for people and have the house full as its been so quiet.

I've been bringing the birds inside in a canary cage every night as one of them started to get a cold. they sleep in my room, and talk in their sleep. I though one fell off the perch last night, it let out a screech, then whistled a bit and went back to sleep.

We also took a trip down to Wagga Wagga to see the young recruit,first time we've seen him in over a month. We agreed to meet him at McDonalds. We knew we were on the right track when we saw all these shaved headed young men in their dress pants and shiny shoes! I didn't recognise Danny at first ,he's got no hair, it makes him look so different, plus he's lost weight so looks overall smaller. I drove an hour and a half to get there, and we probably got an hour with him.Had something to eat,maccas of course , all the young people seemed to miss maccas during their stay on barracks, and then to help him pick a suit.He has to have one for the War Memorial visit. He has expensive taste and picked a lovely grey suit which was half price at $200. But....... then had to have a shirt, tie, and decided to buy shoes to match...... $320 later..... He hasn't actually been paid, he borrowed money from a mate, thank goodness,as we had no more to lend him, we're waiting for him to be paid,so he can pay us back our electricity bill fund....

He had the idea of him and a mate writing to each others mums,so I have a long letter from his mate and his mum has one from Danny. And we have to write back.
Remember in my last post the photo of "American Gothic"? I posted it to him to remind him of us,he thought it was funny, it's up on his wall.

hmm this isn't much for a 2 week hiatus, but it's all I got .....


  1. I forget that you're in the oppisite season from us. :) It was a balmy 60 degrees here yesterday.

    Keep warm! Hugs from across the pond. :) -J

  2. It took me a second to remember where you lived because we're sitting {not so} comfortably in the mid 90s already!

  3. Just hearing you mention the cold makes me so glad I moved to the warmer weather here. Our winter was short and we're already getting close to air conditioner weather. Winter makes me so down.

  4. Glad you got to see your son, but wished it was for more than an hour!

    I must be hungry because reading your post made me want to eat McDonalds. We rarely eat there.

  5. Wondered where you'd been.

    Of course.


    It's not all that warm yet here, but warmer than what you're getting.

    ::uploading warm energy:::

  6. Juliana...60 lol balmy? lol thats about our top for the day, but lovely sitting directly in the sun :)

    Steph...thats too hot,I'd be complaining then too LOL

    Barb, I don't mind it if I can keep warm ,luckily we have a sunny winter mostly, even if cold, a dark cloudy wet one would get me down I think.

    dina, I forgot to mention it was an hour because he and mates wanted to see a movie, they don't know when they will get leave again for another 2 months while training,so I understood,I know of a young mans girlfriend who flew from the other side of Australia near Broome,took her 8 hours travel all up to see her fella for an hour or two.
    lol I rarely have maccas either, but am partial to the McAngus :)

    Ami...sometimes I do to :)

    ahhh I feel the warmth :) Thanks

  7. You're just starting to get Fall weather, and we're just starting to get Spring weather. We had frost here just a week or so ago! I don't miss it.

    That is very cure that your son and his mate are writing letters to each other's mums. Enjoy the communication - males seem to lose that skill gradually as they age! ;-)

  8. I forget you're on the opposite side of the world from me. :) Glad we're coming into spring/summer after an eternal winter. Good luck with the cold and birds. :)

  9. I sometimes forget that I'm communicating with a person on the other side of the world. Honestly, isn't the internet great?

    Sorry about your cold spell, but it will pass. It always does.

  10. I love that the boys(men) have written to each others' mothers.'
    Oh and Wagga Wagga...coolest sounding place EVER!

  11. I love that he has American Gothic on his wall. I love too how the boys are writing to their moms. That's sweet.

  12. Lol okay, so I did not realize you were Australian. I was looking at your pictures thinking, "It's MAY and her grass is freezing??? It's that cold?? Where the eff does she live???" And then I got down to the part about 'maccas' and i'm like WHAT IS A MACCA?? So I googled it and realized that it was an Australian term. We call it Micky D's or Mac-Donalds (in Ohio) here if we slang it :-)
    Learn something new every day!


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