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I'm made it past 50! married for over half my life, have 3 kids all grown and I'm loving this part of my life.I was a nurse in my younger days but an unhealthy dose of rheumatoid arthritis put a damper on my career,so I'm at home with the internet.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Google knows ALL!

Nothing very exciting happened this weekend other than my birthday which is not so exciting when you're creeping up to 50. Scored a big box of Belgian choccies from my son, half gone calls from the girls and Hubby took me out for a chinese meal at the local bowling club.I put my $3 in change through the pokies and head home to about 110 facebook birthday messages. oh and google wished me a Happy Birthday too.When I opened the google page there was a cupcake with a candle and scrolling over there was "Happy Birthday Bernadette" Google knows all.
then on my google profile there was streamers falling all over the page,they didn't capture very well get the gist.

I was playing around in google and found lots of random questionnaires,so here are a few I answered. Feel free to pinch them.

Is there anybody you just wish would fall off the planet?only bigots and homophobes.

How do you flush the toilet in public? There is more than one way? I press the button.

Name one thing you worry about running out of....milk and sugar for my cups of tea.

What famous person do you (or other people) think you resemble? My sister in law told me she thinks I look like Rosanne Barr....sigh...

Do you crack your knuckles? No I can't.They have flattened out from Rhuematoid Arthritis, On some fingers I don't really have knuckles.

What song do you hate the most?Song Sung Blue.

What's your most annoying habit?I'm just annoying apparantly so I can't really pin one thing down...not doing things straight away drives hubby nuts. Popping in to my sons room with random questions or conversation annoys the crap out of him.

Where are your car keys?Where are my car keys???

Where did you last go on vacation?Bali, I've been 3 times .once 24 years ago and twice in last 18 months. Saving to go again at end of 2012.

What 3 things can always be found in your refrigerator? half a can of beetroot, leftovers from a day/week/3weeks ago, milk.

What superstition do you believe/practice?hmmm I knock on wood, cross my fingers and I don't much like walking under ladders or breaking mirrors.Just in case you know.

If you could go back or forward in time,where would you go? The years before I started school I got fed, played all day,such a slothful life really I didn't even have to bathe myself. Everything done for me and lots of cuddle time.

Do you parallel park or drive around the block? Now I'm in the clown car I parallel park, but must confess in the bigger car,I went around the block. I once had to take some things to a 2nd hand store in a trailer on the back of my car. I planned the route so that I did not have to reverse at all. Straight ahead driving the whole way.

Which shoe do you put on first?Oh come on....left.

Look at your planner for March 14, what are you doing?I don't have a planner,so the same as everyday. Nothing.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought?Oh God, how long before the abcirclepro arrives? Mostly I forget to look in the mirror at all though.I have no idea what I look like, when I do see my refelection, it's "who the hell is that fat.... and old lady?""Who let her in?"

How much cash do you have on you? ha 65cents...I'm skint.

If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly what would it be? WELL , I'd take the money honey...flying's for the birds......


  1. Happy Happy Birthday.... Birthday's should always be celebrated, especially with chocolate, no matter what the age, because they are yours and I just love them :)

  2. Thanks twilight...most definitely...i love it too LOL off to get another chockie now :)

  3. I guess here the answer would be to push the handle... which ironicly is the SAME way I flush the toliet in private :)

    Really? Who thinks of these things? And really, shouldn't Google already know... since they know all?

    Anyhoo... Happy Birthday! May your days be filled with cupcakes, and all the men in your home flush correctly. :) -J

  4. Happy Birthday my friend, glad you had a good day.

    How cool is that, even Google wishes you a happy birthday!!!

    Eat, drink and be merry :)

  5. I like the flying or money question.

    I knock on wood a lot too!

    I think it's funny about Google.

    It sounds like you had a nice birthday : )

  6. Happy reading your answers, I suspect you might be my long lost twin. If you ever come to the States, there's always plenty of milk and sugar for your tea here in Vegas. just give me a ring!

  7. Happy Birthday!!
    Did you find your car keys?

    50 isn't so bad.
    Although I am falling apart mechanically...

  8. Julianna...there are many many questions out there,some sillier than others lol thanks for the wisheslets hope they do.

    lyndy...thanks,not enough being merry, have no grog, must remedy.

    dina..I did thanks.hope theres a few more...knock on wood :)

    nari..vegus? seriously vegus? I'll be there with bells on...put the kettle on .....and I'd love to meet my long lost twin :) I can't find the car....

  9. Happy Birthday! I'm glad to see that you and Google are so chummy.

    I know we're supposed to hate birthdays as we get older, but I prefer birthdays to the alternative.

    Funny post. I worry about running out of fat free creamer for my coffee. And I'll take the money too. Oh, BTW, I have your keys!

  10. Cube... gotta say everyday above grounds a goodun :) I'm like a big kid on my birthday LOL

    how does fat free creamer work? haha

    Give them back!!!!Thief bahaha

  11. My point exactly. I'll take getting older anytime.

    Haven't figured out the creamer yet, but it's much richer than milk.

    I lied about the keys ;-)

  12. Happy birthday! I like your questions/answers, too. Now you've got me thinking about what my annoying habit could be.

  13. cube...does it have to happen so faaast?

    I don't drink cofee but it sounds good.

    sigh... i'll keep looking then lol

    Soapy...Thanks. I like answering them seeing how silly I am.
    ahh if you have to think about it you're probably not annoying.Then again you could be so annoying you don't notice you're annoying?

    see what I mean about popping in all the time and chattering:)


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