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Friday, February 11, 2011

I can't leave yet...can't find my....

The lovely and funny Lyndylou from The gigglefest has tagged me in the 5 things you can't leave the house without meme.

1. Keys...I hardly walk anywhere, so the keys to the car are a must have. But mostly I can't find them, there is a 10 minute continuous circuit of the entire house looking on top of things and under things and even behind things to unearth these pesky things....every time.I swear I put them in the same place every time. They must be like chameleons ,changing their appearance to blend in with their surroundings. This has to be the explanation....because I have 2 sets!!!

2. Glasses- the world is blurrier without them. I lose these regularly too, I had to drive for a week without them using my eldests' first pair of glasseson the end of my nose as a decoy for the police if pulled over.
I think they are in cahoots with the keys.

3. A bra. A definate must, these OO are looking more () () and I surely couldn't wear a belt with comfort if I didn't wear a bra.

4. My purse- even if I take a handbag, I tend to take my purse out and leave the bag in the car which is probably how my fake Bali Prada bag went missing.It's just dissappeared,probably somewhere waiting for the keys and glasses to come back.

5. Cigarettes- yes yes I know, bad for the health,stinky etc but I enjoy them though and hate leaving home without them.I'll buy another pack and a lighter if I forget either.Yes I'm addicted.
My friend sent me this awesome e-ciggarette, great little gadget, I just have to get some more e-juice and a battery charger and I won't be spending so many dollars($16au a pack of 25) on the cigs or drawing in the dreadful tar.And, I can smoke..sorry ,"vape" to my hearts content amongst the non-smokers.They have some great flavours with or without nicotine, rum and raisin quite strikes my fancy :)

Thanks lindylou,that was fun.
Now to pass it on............I love you all.......throwing names into a hat and...presto...


  1. Sounds crazy, but I always loose my keys at the bottom of my handbag! How can that be, in such a small area?

    Oooh thank you for picking me out of the hat, I think I know just what I might include :)

    Oh, also pop on by when you have a minute, there is something for you on my latest post.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the disappearing keys! And going without your glasses for a week made me laugh :)

  3. Thank you! I didn't forget, just been too busy to think about an actual post where I actually have to, well, think.

    It will be up Thursday the 17th.

    I love the photo of the old lady lighting her cigarette. It's not you, is it?


  4. too, and my mobile,when I had mobiles disappear to my least I know where they are ...1 used to death and the other in use.

    lyndylou....I'm so glad I didn't get pulled over,luckily we borrow our policeppl from elsewhere and not every day.I'm sure it must have been obvious I was looking over the top of them considering they were halfway down my nose so I could see at all. lol

    Ami---I'm still thinking about my next post...sigh. Now I accepted the LOL award I have to TRY to be funny.....i'm only funny when im not trying to be funny. hmmm story of my life.

    the old lady....oh it will be ....


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