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Friday, February 25, 2011

Some days you're the windshield... other days you're the bug.

It's funny how in the Blogoshpere that the lives of you people I didn't know say 2 months ago can so quickly become a part of the fabric and ..well... matter. I'm only a new follower to Redhead at randommicrothoughts and she doesn't post everyday. Just Saturday she posted that she'd had a bit of an overwhelming rollercoaster ride , with a mammogram on Wednesday week ago, a biopsy last Thursday and on Saturday the Dr CALLED her with the results. Life has changed for her in that instant and she's had no time to digest it. She was scheduled for a mastectomy on Monday just gone.
Of course there is nothing new on her blog ,it will be the last thing on her mind. She has no list of followers on her blog and only there's only a few she follows on the page but if you've got a minute and want to leave a well wishing message ,It'd be nice.

I know I know I'd love it if I got home and found a gazillian get well messages from "strangers" LOL some of us more strange than others ! he he

Redhead, if you see this in the coming days :


  1. I agree with Jumble Mash...very sweet of you.

    I went to her blog and left a comment.

    I like her writing, so I'm glad to have been pointed in her direction.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. Wow. So fast between night and day...or life and death. I hope she's cured and recovers speedily. I'll leave a message.

  3. That's a lovely idea. I went to her blog and left a message :)

  4. That's a lovely idea. I went to her blog and left a message :)

  5. Great idea...because we've definitely all been the bug at one time or another.

  6. I just left a comment @ Redhead's site.

    BTW this was very sweet of you.

  7. Thanks you lot,you're all awesome :)
    I was so shocked she's home already. They turnover those beds fast these days. Used to be a week in hosp for an appendix when started nursing in the early 80's!

    Redhead does write well,I enjoy reading her blog:)

  8. The same thing happened to my mum. I'll pop right on over and leave a note. :-)

  9. You think you have problems until you hear about someone else and the troubles they have.

    Good post and a nice sentiment.

  10. Thanks for stopping by High Heels and Hot Flashes. I am following you now and would love a follow back please.
    Have a great day.


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