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Monday, February 21, 2011

See You in The Funny Papers

My blog is funny tonight but it's not me being funny, it's my friend in the USA who's funny.I kind of adopted Dani by long distance.Hope her mum doesn't mind too much.I've been her internet mum for about 10 years.Shes had a rough trot with some issues and I'd love to see her art business take off,mostly because she is so good at it.

She is an amazingly talented and clever cartoonist .She can put YOU or your family or friends into comic strips by using your own funny true stories. Send her your story and pictures of the people who are in the stories and she will put them into a cartoon.She has some examples of work she has sold on her site here. Very reasonably priced and you can pay by paypal.

She also has a blog on the site here .

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I do. Its a really unique way of honoring a family member at Christmas or birthday etc
Lots of fun with some embarrassing moments I think .


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