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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I like my humans crunchy thanks

I just had this conversation while watching a cooking programme:

hubby: i couldn't eat that... its still raw

its bleeding

thats like cannibals
if they can eat that they could eat a person

(seriously he talks like this.. just keeps adding think he's done then ...more......)

me: pass me a slice of Les....... mmmm Les

Les: if i had to eat someone, I'd have to have it cooked up
a lot....
like pork crackling......

If you were stuck in say..... a snowstorm for weeks ...and Les has the fire roaring...don't tell him your'e feeling poorly .

He wouldn't eat me he said ...but he'd cook me up for the rest of you.


  1. Ha! I love a one sided conversation~especially as entertaining as that. I will not be snowmobiling, or desert islanding or any kind of "looky there~a fire pit" ing with Les. Just sayin'.

  2. Personally, I think Les is on the right track. Pork cracklings are good and they DO deep fry everything these days. Why not the recently departed? That way you'll have food for the wake.

  3. I can't eat any meat if it's not well done - human or otherwise.

  4. The only thing I've been eating lately are my words. I say the wrong thing so often that I'm thinking about taking a vow of silence. I'm so hungry that I'll probably eat the vow of silence and hopefully then get some peace but I doubt it.

  5. I'd prob. need my human crunchy also... or maybe as a jerky.

    But steak... yeah, I prefer mine still Moo-ing. Sorry. :)

  6. I'm not sure if I'm hungry anymore?? I have a feeling I won't be able to eat anything crunchy for a while either!

  7. Hahahahahahaha....
    You're joking right? About eating the human thing? *Errrrrr*..,

  8. is creepy new meaning to a donner kebab ?

    twilight....bahhaha ,good one

    Lisa.... drives me batty sometimes, esp when I'm blogging, i pretend to pay attention,then look back at keyboard and up he starts again lol
    not coming to our BBQ then?

    Nari....I designate you to carve and make the wake sanwiches

    cube... me either when i go out I ask them to burn it lol

    Bill...hmmm try putting your foot in your mouth ?'ll have to sit up the other end of the table ...

    Annah...of all the days to visit my blog hahaha ...umm welcome?... sooorry...wasn't steak for dinner tonight was it?

    sabahan....yes fast hahaha


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