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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

abcirclepro and a mexican peso

I buy all sorts of things on ebay.
I love a bargain.
I also need to exercise.
I see those long long ads every day and I..... @.@ ......@.@...I.... liked the look of the abcirclepro .
I know I will never have flat sexy abs, but thought perhaps I could gain a waist at least .Hmmm, I could get one cheaper on ebay!!!! Yep 50 bucks free postage from Hong Kong.KaChing... Your alarm bells are ringing? Mine didn't,I've bought lots of cheaper items from Hong Kong and never had a problem, only one bad buy, small flashing lights that go on the tyre tube air intlet thingy,they fell apart but hey, they did work for a few minutes.
So with visions of the new slim me after only 3 minutes a day, I hit the buy now button and payed with my papypal. About 2 days later I get an email from ebay telling me they've cancelled the listing due to suspected copyright issues. What the? I already paid. Grrr. Thats Ok I have paypal protection. I filed for a refund but had to go through the usual give the seller a chance to reply thing. I get a note.."Its Ok project is all good, item is good , I send." Note from paypal to say they have sent a tracking number here 'tis.

Yesterday I got a card in the letter box than an item needed picking up. Not sure how big the box was and weather it was heavy and would need hubby and not me(I'm weak) I rang the Post Office.
Me: "How big is my parcel"
PO.."well its not very big"
Me:Does it need Les to pick it up ?"
PO :" cough giggle...NO"
Me: "Oh must be light then?""Ok I'll come up and get it.

I got an is a circle........


  1. Eh??? LOL mmmmm I think that'll help with the waist trimming........NOT!!!

  2. eh?? is what i said to the postmistress LOL

    funnily enough I have to post it back for paypal to refund my money.

  3. Maybe... maybe... it could help trim your waist. Place it on a surface lower than waist height, then stand side-on to where it's placed with your feet hip distance apart and arms outstretched. Slowly lean over until you're able to pick up the coin. Repeat as often as you like and change the direction you're standing to bend the other way.

    Or not.

    Me? I'd send it back. Oh and btw,

  4. Now I'm not a very smart or clever person but in my eyes those two pictures are in no way like each other. I'd say you'll be okay with Paypal but it may well take a while.

  5. Well...I can certainly see why the copyright issues were resolved so quickly. That doesn't resemble the abcircle pro. At. All.

  6. That would tick me off. There's a special place in hell for scammers.

  7. OY! You'll never loose any abdominal flab with that...

    They're not all bad. I have have several good purchases over TV/online ads. I bought an eliptical machine for $49 that is still working more than half a decade later AND, before OXI was in everything in creation, I listened to Billy Mays and bought some Oxi-Clean online. It worked like a dream.

    Caveat emptor is more than just a line from a dead language.

  8. could work..... or not.... hhahaha

    jumble mash....I thought it was funny but now I'm mad..its going to cost me almost $20 to send the damn coin back.

    Bill Y ...haha you can tell them apart thats pretty clever. its taking a while because the *&^% seller sent that coin, now i have to send it back. registered. international post. $18.50.Im going to ring Paypal try and get around it.

    Nari....I know. i got sucked in because the seller had good feedback. if I could wring a neck I would lol

    soapbox..I hope so :) 666

    cube...Bub found a way to make it work LOL

    i tried to buy a cheaper item not the one off the tele,or I wouldnt be in this pickle LOL
    whats and eliptical machine? is that one of those annoying clicky ball things from the 80's?


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