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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something everyone should know about "BO"

I've been unusually busy this week. We lost one of our own, a nephew my husbands sisters son, he'd been unwell but it was still sudden, if that makes sense. It was a dreadful time for my SIL, made worse by her other son being in Vietnam on holidays with no way of getting in touch, so they held off the funeral until they thought he would be back. He returned on Monday and the funeral was Wed. That time between a death and the funeral is horrid, and so I really felt for them. We drove 5 hrs up the coast,attended the service and then drove back again.We weren't the only ones to do that though,everyone is so spread out. So Thursday I was flat out like a lizard,driving seems to take a lot out of me, later, not while I'm doing it. The service was simple and heartfelt and definitely worth the driving.

Last night I went out....don't fall off your chair. I took my younger daughters boyfriend's mum to the International Womens dinner in our local club. Guest speaker was Dr Feelgood (radio 3aw & girlfriend mag) aka Dr Sally Cockburn. She was really entertaining funny and down to earth, got a laugh and some food for thought health wise. I spoke to her after the event and she invited me to write to her regarding Chloe's surgery predicament. She's on a LOT of boards, so fingers crossed she may have some good advice. Oh and my friend and I had our pic taken with her for the local rag, if its anygood I'll post it up on Friday.

I've been fummaging through old newspapers again, I can't help it, they're so entertaining. Advertising is especially funny to me,there are no euphamisms in old ads, no mistaking what your buying or why you need it.


Just in case you want to ,you know ,move things along while you're out

Let me check my diary....ahhh..... busy that day.

someone keeps this advertiser awake at night.

Lost me!! But it works, apparently.

While you're down there....

This'll fix it....

Wonder if they're Nigerian?


  1. Sorry for your loss.

    The ads are funny. Hubby saw one this morning on television for 'My Bona... when the wood really matters.' A mop. For women, I think.

  2. I'm very sorry about your nephew.

    I'm glad you found someone that might be able to give you help/advice about Chloe's surgery.

  3. So sorry about your nephew...there really just aren't any words...

    I love the old ads too- no tricks, just straight up here it is!

  4. Hi...Thanks for visiting my blog. I love these ads. Could use some for the aches and pains that I have as well. Sorry about the death in the family. That was a long drive but can understand. Looking forward to getting to know your blog more. Thanks! Barb

  5. That's horrible about your nephew. So sorry for you loss. And you're right: that time between the death and the funeral feels like forever! My heart goes out to you and your family.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your nephew. Sending you positive thoughts for Chloe.

  7. Sorry for your loss...

    "chocolate cream balls" should never be in the same advertisement as "Ox feet and tounge"... just sayin'

  8. I'm sorry about your matter how expected, it still shocks the system. Hugs.

    I love the old ads, they tell it how it is!

  9. I read all the comments before this one and can only repeat much of what has been said. My sincere condolences at this time.
    I too love the adverts. I shall look forward to hurrying back and seeing what else you have posted.
    Thanks too for dropping by my blog earlier. I really appreciate the comments especially as I don't feel like any housework today and am in need of cheering.
    Warm wishes

  10. Sorry to hear about your nephew.

    The ads made me laugh and not everything makes me do that so good on ye.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear of your nephew's death, even when expected it's still difficult. Thinking good thoughts for all of you.

  12. Sorry to hear about your loss. On another note, these ad's are great! I love old advertisements, I want to go back in time.

  13. Death is difficult under any circumstances. Sorry to hear about your nephew. :-(

  14. Sorry to hear of your family's loss.

  15. Michelle, thankyou

    Ami thanks...A mop you say? LOL

    Dina, thanks am still waiting to hear back from her.She must get hundreds of emails.

    Emtynester, thanks.I found heaps of them,hard to choose what to use.

    BB,you too, love your blog

    Sandra, thanks, thats life hey.

    Nari, thanks. I'm going to ring the Monash Uni, they have a gender dysphoria clinic there.

    Juliana, thankyou.....bahahahah.....I agree


    Lizbeth, thankyou. They are funny, I love them.

    carol50....Thankyou, I enjoyed your blog :)I never feel like housework so the more you Visit and write the more I write and read the less housework I do :)

    Bill Y...I made you laugh? There must be a bonjovi song to celebrate this hehe

    Mrs Tuna, thankyou much appreciated.

    R/Camel ... me too sometimes, but beng lazy I wouldn't want to do everything from scratch and a fuel stove would be no fun in summer.

    on my soapbox... thankyou :)

    stefani...Thanks :)

    Thankyou everyone for your kind wishes and condolences ,they have been much appreciated esp by hubby who grew up with his nephew. This is such a warm community,Love you all xxxxx


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