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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What do you have to do to get a drink around here?

Getting a drink in a hotel in the earlier days of Australia was ,well difficult. It seems you had to be a bone fide traveller and/or a guest in the hotel to drink there. You could not get a drink on a Sunday, Public Holidays or before 11am and after 6pm. The emphasis of hotels was on providing food and guest rooms.
Today in Australia the emphasis is on the grog and some hotels never close.

An early liquor licensing law in South Australia (1839) stated that a publican was required to provide for "..a traveller and his horse, or a traveller without a horse, the horse of a traveller not becoming a guest of the house ..or any corpse which may be brought to his public house for the purpose of a Coroner's inquest." Any publican not providing such a service was committing an offence and liable to be fined up to 20 pounds.

So you could be down 20 pounds , if you didn't want a rotting corpse in you bar,20 pounds ,that made it hard to say no the corpse, thats a huge amount of money back then.

People snuck around getting their grog on the sly, and every town had a sly grog lady. Why were they were ladies I wonder/ the fairer innocent sex I wonder?

I feel for this guy, it was a Christmas gift!!

I don't care if you're a cop,Nope no food after 7....

Don't look under the beds!

It's for my liver!

Can I have whiskey with my water?

Not sneaky enough.

2 pot screamer?

WTF? Policemans fund???



  1. The police 'reward" fund?

    Some things haven't changed. Now a days, we call that the evidence locker.


  2. This made me giggle! Especially the police fund haha

  3. Fun read and good history lesson!


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