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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tis sunday already

I can't believe how time is flying by, it's 2 weeks since the wedding!!! Not sure where the time has gone, chasing photos, and giving things back that I borrowed, sorting out what belongs to who...... funnily enough the accumulation in the spare room doesn't seem to be getting any smaller.


I week now, no cigs. I've gone cold turkey, no cutting down or patches etc. The hardest was making up my mind to actually do it. I've smoked for 30 years, since I was 18. So its pretty much a part of who I am: Bernadette smokes, have an ashtray on the verandah!

It hasn't been as hard as I thought,but that doesn't mean I don't feel like one, at least once a day I wistfully think of the smoke rolling across my tongue.
I stalked a smoker at Aldi on friday, her smoke smelled so goooooood, I was creeping closer and closer to her, deep breathing , luckily she was on what seemed like the "I haven't had a smoke all morning " high and didn't notice my .......interest. But that's the only, ahem.....incident.
I liken it to selling the bassinet once I had counted my blessings and decided "enough! I want to wear high heels and not wear breast pads."
It's the same mindset:I''m done, end of an era, onto something else.

What suddenly made me decide? I look so unhealthy in the wedding pics,I don't look like me. I've had a rough 6 months health wise with infection and steroids, and it shows.(I sound so vain) It shows like it did on my mum. My mum died at 62 yrs old, and her mum before her at 61.Umm I see a pattern here.This is a pic of my lovely mum about 7 months before she died.

I've already had rhuematoid and its various meds for 15 years longer than mum did but it's over 10 years till I'm 60, it was the meds and infections and her chest from the smoking that did her in. Nan was a different kettle of fish, her demise was breast cancer, radical removal of the breast and then pneumonia, this is back in 1966 before chemo advances etc. but anyhoo I'd like to give myself an even chance here.

When one of your kids get married , there's the chance of new life ahead and the happy couple have given up the cigs to be healthy for trying to have babies ,and I look forward to any that arrive.
I want to be the fun nanna,

dragging the grandkids off to picnics and parks etc, can't do that if I'm hooked up to medical stuff.

So there you go, finally thought about my own mortality.

Once I get used to being a nonsmoker, I'll get stuck into healthier food and............ some excersise......sigh..

Now I have to find something to do with my hands other than smoke, it took up a fair chunk of time that hobby, so I've bought 3 small pieces of old funiture to restore. One is a really small hall table, half round shape with pretty turned legs. Its been painted black so I have to strip it back. Today I picked up a tea trolley , that wont be too hard to sand and restain and also a lovely old table. The table is a funny size, too wide for a hall table, too high for a coffee table but too low to sit at,I'm thinking it might be a sample of a bigger dining table.None of them are huge projects, other than some sanding, really, so that will keep my idle hands busy.

Les is trying to get me interested in the garden,so I might poke my head out there a bit too. My gardening up to now has been."oohh that will look nice here Les, dig there!"

Another thing I want to do next year is make button and bling bouquets ,I've been inspired by this one, so I''m collecting buttons and broken brooches and making silk and organza flowers over the next few months,so I can make these in various themes and colours

Which brings me back to weddings..."HA! I see how she did that"

Time for another gratuitous wedding pic !!!


  1. FAG oops FANTASTIC – all of it! [And another lovely photo :)]

  2. Good luck with the stopping smoking and what a lovely pic :)

  3. BERNADETTE! stop making me cry :)

  4. I love the photo.

    If you think the spare room will ever have spare room, forget it. They find ways of keeping it full.

    Congratulations on giving up smoking, I understand how you feel. I want to be an active granny too. It seems strange to me that someone was smoking in a shop. Smoking in public places has been banned for several years here.

  5. Congrats to you for taking the plunge. I quit 25 years ago and never once regretted it. Cold turkey. They really are awful for you. Glad you're thinking of your health and future. Proud of you! Keep busy and chew gum if you have to. The picture of your daughter is stunning. She truly is a beautiful bride. Keep up the good work!

  6. I'm so excited for you! I quit smoking YEARS ago after having smoked for 15 years. I've never looked back! You can do it!

    The picture is beautiful! Absolutely!

  7. You are a wise woman to give up the cancer sticks. The wedding looks like it was absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Good for you! It sounds like once you've made up your mind you can surly do it! Wanting a smoke once a day isn't too bad at all. I love the furniture pieces you got. I've refinished furniture before and found it to be fun.

    I love the bouquets you want to make. Just beautiful.

  9. You've made the decision - now comes the hard part. A week is huge when you've first quit. Just keep thinking about those babies. It's not just the 'fun gran' part but you won't even want to bring the cig smell around them.
    You could take up knitting - that keeps your hands really busy. Good luck to you.

  10. Go You on the No smoking! Yeah!

    I also had to look at my mortality recently. I am off the sugar until the Diabetes is back under control.


  11. No smoking yeah! And just think of all the money you will save, the more to spend on neat stuff! Love the cartoons...

  12. Congratulations on quitting smoking! What a huge accomplishment - I am so thrilled for you.

    And what a beautiful bride! The red lipstick and flowers are the perfect combination.

  13. I'm happy to hear about the quitting smoking. It is not an easy task for sure.

    I'll keep rooting for you as I myself try to do the same.

  14. So judging by my calculations that would make you 34 years old. If you start smoking again I'm going to go-go gadget across the ocean and punch you in the face.

  15. I MISSED this POST?? You stopped smoking! Awesome! It's been 19 years ago for me. It took longer by far to get past the psychological cravings than the physical, but it's one of the best things I've ever done for myself.

    I think that wedding photo you posted is the best one so far. Lovely.

  16. fruity :) haha thanks, :)

    lyndy, thanks, have to pop over to you,see how Jack is going.

    anonymous: Karen how did I know this was you? lol

    Anji, yes cant smoke many places indoors these days here, not even the pub. Bali you can smoke anywhere, I still went outside.

    BB, hi, 25 years ,wow, thats great,some days are harder than others but mostly ok. Thanks, she is gorgeous theres something glamourous and 40's about her.

    Empty, I know everyone is so excited for me its funny lol

    shelly, taken me a while to get to it, but I'm done! thanks the wedding was lovely, went tooo fast.

    Belle, havent done much to them yet lol, les sanded back the trolley for me lol have just about got all enough for one or 2 boquets now ,will start this week :)

    steph v, thanks, yep, im finding im acutally doing stuff rather than relaxing with the cig every 5 mins lol

    Juliana, oh give up sugar? argh lol but thats next for me ithink....

    Redhead..yeah after i pay back hubby for all the dollars i borrowed for smoles out of the elctricity money and the rego money...etc

    Ameena, yup, ive done it :) Gemma just has an eye for that sort of detail and she pulled it off beautifully I think.

    Nari,thanks., you too? how is it going?

    Elliott, 34 yes yes..have i told you i love you ? hahaha

    2 peeps, thanks, will come over and visit you :)

    AMI : I have!! yes, its the cigarette to relax with that I really miss. Gemma and AAron gave up too, so there hasnt been any open packets tempting me.It is lovely, oh they all are, want to see more? haha I might do a separate wedding blog .


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