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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

obama's in town

The US president has graced our shores...I will leave it to my niece Rhi to give you the heads up from her birds eye view in Canberra click and enjoy !

Other than that , not much happening, all quiet again.
I'm helping Chloe and Jess move from their flat to the converted garage at the back of Jesss parent's place,so they can save to buy their own place. I have to drive a big hiace type commercial van which should be interesting after driving the bubble car for 3 years!

I've picked up some childminding work, a few hours a week so I'll be able to afford a haircut soon :)


  1. Your cartoon gave me a smile. Be careful driving the bigger vehicle!

  2. :-) I think the cartoon may actually be something of a business plan!


  3. Could you just keep Obama there? He does nothing but shit here.

  4. I'm sorry Obama's with you.

    I love that picture--maybe that's what I need to do to get my kids to go to sleep!!!

  5. I can imagine the fuss over security and traffic from the airport to anywhere along the route of the President's itinerary. He comes here to Vegas on occasion but I'm not one for hero worship of political figures and I don't work anywhere near the Strip so it bears very little effect upon my life.

    In fact, I find I'm more interested in your child rearing business...although I suspect the dogs would be a far easier undertaking.

  6. Looks like a good weight loss plan, if those were hungry pit bulls and instead of kids there were overweight middle aged women (like me)

    You can keep Obama. Really, we don't need him, thanks!

  7. Love the cartoon also. That is a good idea to save for a house that way. I love Obama compared to Bush but I guess I am in the minority!

  8. Hi B, your niece writes a pretty mean post!
    Belle, it seems like we are voting here, so I'll give you another one for Obama. I'll give you two if we can trade Julia in as part of the deal. I'll give you fifty if you can get rid of two more for us...


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