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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It came up so fast, and I tell you the time went faster on the day!!!

Running late: Here is me, bedraggled, no nails,no pearls and fake eyelashes still in the packet after a major dress malfunction.The zipper in my dress busted a few minutes after doing it up.Funnily enough the borrowed dress is a size too small and took 20 minutes and 3 people to get the zipper up, 2 holding the material together and one pulling hard,yet it held!!! I was literally corseted with one boob up and one down, and there was no room in there to drag one up,so my daughter found the jacket to make me 1940's and here I am,one of the Andrew Sisters !!!

Beautiful car.

Me again, I heard the music and Etta May, sing "At Last" and it was all happening.

The flower girl was my niece Molly, she had been avidly watching wedding movies and decided a flower basket and throwing petals was the ticket,so we got them and she happily threw petals down the aisle.

Gemma and her dad.He did not realise his hair was so silver , no mirrors outside !!Gemma looks beautiful and i have a big lump in my throat here. That's the top of the grooms parents heads by the way.

Gemma sees Aaron

Dad gives her away. Bigger lump in throat.

Aaron crying and its about then that Gemma asked for a tissue as she cried because he cried.Les had a hankie and took it over,then sang out he didnt w
The pearl and crystal detail is from Aaron's mums wedding dress.

The Kiss.

Mr & Mrs Mead.

We moved around with the guests so they could sign the register where we'd been sitting.I always love the signing shots,always nice.Judy Shae their celebrant was lovely.

Good choice Aaron, the car was fantistic, as was the car owner/driver Malcolm Chaplin, he was with them for 3 hours for pretty much petrol money.

A quiet moment.One of the guests took this shot,I stole it.

The not church wedding shot,the church they almost married in was across the road,and couldn't resist the pic

Cars and Canola. The conola is fading fast,and being harvested,so they were lucky some still from late planting.

Aaron's Hurry up and take the photo face.

Here's a kiss pic, definitely not for Molly though .
Chloe was worried about the sign in the photo,she took the photos, but it adds to the pic I think.

Here is Chloe, there are not many photos of her at her own sisters wedding,as she was behind the camera,the photos you see here are all her unedited work,she took some wonderful shots!!
I also forgot to bring the photo of Danny to hold up for the "us" group shot...


Big kids in the park.

The hall,almost ready.

The cake. I made the toppers,the bigger one was a revamp of my own wedding cake topper .

Mr & Mrs Mead

The end of the father daughter dance

The beginning of the My Girl/Temptations dance

Gemma's gift to me, 31 years just disappeared !!!!

1st dance

On a wall in a small utility room at the hall is a wall that has "we were here" messages going back to 1921. Gemma and Aaron added theirs.

All in all it was a pretty wedding, the ceremony beautiful, the reception fun. It was fun to help organise and I had a great time on the day.Chloe was the photographer and took around 1500 pics, these are a few of them.


  1. Golly she looks like you. I really like the photo you stole, the rear view one.

  2. So all that stress was really worth it! Gemma and Aaron look like good mates. Everything about the day looks like it was made with love. Lumpy throats all round. :)

  3. Just beautiful! Did we look that young when we got married? :)

    Your daughter is a classic beauty and that dress was perfect!

  4. Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    The wedding looks lovely, and I love how you report on the crying moments.

    Did you cry when Aaron cried and then Gemma cried?

    I agree about the sign. It adds to the picture.

  5. What an absolutely beautiful daughter Gemma is. She's just so photogenic. Beautiful wedding and everyone looks so happy. The colors in the pictures are amazing. And Mom, you looked pretty awesome. Boobs up and down or not! No one knew! Congratulations and Best Wishes for the happy bride and groom. Hugs.

  6. I love it! So sorry about the dress malfunction~that's what bad dreams are made of. :) That, and not arriving on time. Very happy for your daughter.

  7. I love the red and white together. So beautiful! Your daughter's dress was elegant. She looked like an angel. Great photos. That dress looked darn good on you!
    I wore one of my daughter's church dresses to her wedding - couldn't afford my own! It still looked okay. :)

  8. Great pics. I always cry at weddings and these pictures brought tears to my eyes.

  9. Georgeous!

    And. Omg. The. DRESS!

    I love these! So beautiful!

  10. Beautiful wedding! Loved the car *drool*, and the pics in front of the yellow field :D

  11. All of the photos and the day were just beautiful.

    Good luck to the happy couple, she is a beautiful girl and they look so... joyous.


  12. Beautiful photos. I love the way the car matches Gemma's nail varnish.

    You must be so proud

  13. I love those photos! My cuz is pretty and then some!!!
    I'm soooo sorry about your dress - I know how excited you were to wear it.
    I must admit though, I nearly died laughing at the mental image of one boob up and one boon down.
    Love you!
    (and your lopsided boobies :P)

  14. Great Wedding! The photos are grand, a nice sample of candid shots and posed ones. Everyone looks so happy, not just the bride and groom who look ecstatic. thank goodness the weather cooperated!


  15. Thank you so, so much for sharing such a wonderful day with us. You all looked fabulous and your daughter is such a stunning bride. :)

  16. Lovely photos and it all looked such a lovely day :)

  17. There is so much loveliness here that I could puke. You people have style. And class by the pantload.


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