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I'm made it past 50! married for over half my life, have 3 kids all grown and I'm loving this part of my life.I was a nurse in my younger days but an unhealthy dose of rheumatoid arthritis put a damper on my career,so I'm at home with the internet.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old


I don't usually make new years resolutions as I have a habit of ignoring them by about quarter past midnight. But this year I'll try harder,I'm on the downhill run to 50 and I'd like to be healthier,so my new years resolutions are thus:

Lose weight, which means eating less and moving about more. I'll try for half an hour of solid proper exercise every day,I have no exercise equipment so I'll have to get my lard arse out on the street and ......walk...............sigh.

Eat less crap, no more lollies ,chips and choclolate..or.... dammit .....icecream......well, a treat now and then would be fine....wouldn't it?

My mother died at 61 and her mother before her at 60,I'm hoping for a few more years than that,so I need to get on top of the blood pressure and keep the rheumatoid arthritis from doing any more damage. Humira has stopped the deformities and given me back my mobility,so I have to treasure that and make use of it. I've been in the "sick role" far too long. It's actually hard to get out of than I thought ,not only have I put limitations on myself but other people have too.

2011 will be my year for doing something new.I don't know what just yet, it'll come to me I hope! I'm at that age where my kids don't need me so much and are leaving or left the nest and there aren't any grandkids to fuss over.

When I grew up in the late 60's and 70's girls 'careers" were really only until they married and had kids,and then you worked for extra income,not so much a career,that came in the mid 80's.I only worked part time when the kids were little and then stopped when the arthritis became too painful to continue and I never went back. Motherly,domestic stuff was enough,too much sometimes and even though it was my main focus ,I still forgot stuff through the haze painkillers,like telling my youngest about sex...........(he figured it out)
So this year I need to find something for me.
Suggestions will be pondered upon ...........


  1. All the best for 2011, I am sure you will do all that you planned and more.

    Happy New Year from sunny Scotland!

    Lynne XX

  2. I hope you do well with your resolutions!

    This part really hit home for me:

    "I've been in the "sick role" far too long. It's actually hard to get out of than I thought ,not only have I put limitations on myself but other people have too."

    I can't seem to get out of it, particularly with my hubby. He means the best for me, but I need to do more than he will let me do. It's one of the few things we disagree on, and I'm not winning the battle.

    Good luck to you!

  3. Recent studies have shown that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, has marvelous health benefits. I consider it medicine with no bad side effects.

  4. thanks lynne....sunny? scotland? lol

    dirty butter, yes the same here. there are all sorts of things cought up in it for us,my hubby left work to care for me when i was really immobile ,so is now over 55 and pretty much unemployable,all the old non skilled work is done by juniors or if i go back to work where does that leave him.And theres always from him... a self esteem manly thing i think,a nd theres the .... if you do to much you might go back to how you were ..or.. you dont know how long you'll stay well for..etc

    jan....this looks promising, i shall experiment :) might take me a while compareing light to dark and then theres

  5. I understand about the pain and feeling helpless since I have fibromyalgia which is NO WHERE NEAR as bad as rheumatoid arthritis. Yikes! I also have regular old arthritis in my neck, you know, old person arthritis. Ugh. There are some treatments but most are scary.

    Hope 2011 brings you happiness and an end to feeling limited!


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