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Sunday, December 26, 2010

all over bar the shouting

I ...can't ....move....

eaten...tooo ....much....trifle.....

Feels like we have been constantly eating or drinking since Christmas Eve!

Had a lovely day with the might be stretching it.

We didn't get up till 10.30 when Gemma arrived, and then Danny wouldn't get up, he'd stayed up all night playing xbox or watching movies- whatever teens do all night. Eventually Gemma irritated him out of slumber and by the time everyone was organised ,showered and cuppatea'd it was midday. We put the food on and opened our pressies .Chloe and Jess arrived after their long ride down and so more swapping of pressies.It's our favourite part of christmas and everyone puts in a lot of thought into the pressies,even more so this year as there hasn't been as much money for everyone ,so everyone really thought hard about what to get each other with limited funds.We bought one big thing each from Bali when we were there,things we could not afford here, and in 2 out of 3,probably could not source here.Danny we gave motocross boots as he has his own bike.Gemma we had made a queen size bedquilt with a handpainting of Marylin Monroe.We had a large portrait of Chloe and Jess painted from a photo, amazing quality and they loved it. When I can get a photo of it,I'll post it here with details of the artist.

We ate, and we ate and we ate.
And drank, well I did, everyone else had to drive later in the day.

It was 31 degrees c ,which was a shock as we've had such mild weather,I put the air con on, but too late most of us were already asleep or sleepy,so wherever you could lay your head was napland.

Around 7 ,they all nicked off. Chloe and Jess had to ride back to the capital ,we weren't sure when it was going to rain. The people on the Hume heeded my request about cigarette butts, but on the Barton Hwy, she got hit by one, she had her visor up.Thank god she didn't flinch or jolt and send the bike into a ditch, she just calmly pulled over and let Jess have a look at it. It gave her a shock, no marks.How frightening, I can't even imagine hurtling through "space' at 100km hour and BANG, hit in the face with something hot. Bad enough bugs but burning embers..ouch!
Gemma pinched my beer and went home to spend some time with her housemates and Danny headed off to the next country town over to visit friends.

now to save for next christmas

Happy New Year :)


  1. I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas.

    Interesting that the weather warmed up...finally.

    Do you like it when it's that warm? 31 would be way too hot for me.

    I looked forward to seeing a photo of the painting. It's kind of funny. They made a painting of a photo, and now you're going to take a photo of the painting that's made from a photo : )

  2. 31 is too hot for me. It seems to get sticky as well around that temp and if theres not much breeze urggh. Loved it when I was young...beach weather,lets go :) but, now its too hot and I moan about it.

    hahaha the photo painting photo painting photo, thats funny lol...I'll put the photo of the photo painting and the photo that was used for painting the photo up :) hehehe
    are you open for comments yet??? i've had so much to say and nowhere to say it LOL

  3. Sounds like a great time was had by all. Take care of yourself. A whole nother round is coming this weekend. Food, drinks, family, friends...Happy New Year!


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