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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barbilou's wonderings answered

A great blog I follow posted some wonderful wonderings yesterday.
Today they had me wondering too and I decided I had wondered too long and had to know too.

Here are Barbilou's questions that had me pondering and asking Mr Google .

Why do only CATS purr? Why don't dogs purr?
Chickens and eggs. How long does it take for an egg to form? If a chicken lays one every day, and you were to cut her open, would she be full of eggs in various stages of development?
How do spiders not get caught in their own webs?
How nutritious is hay anyway? How can animals as big as cows get that big just eating hay?

Apparantly two species of genets purr as well.Genetta tigrina, and most likely also Genetta genetta, had been documented to purr, but other than that only cats .I didn't knw what a gennet was so there is a pic here, so now you know too.apparently they live in Africa.

Dogs don't purr because they dont have the same vocal folds and harmonics on breathing in and out that cats do.

cChicken and eggs ...easy... 21 days till egg ready to hatch :)

On average they only lay one egg a day,so there wont be a belly full of eggs, if it's killed before the first egg is laid maybe there would be the one just starting to form,getting ready for the next day and one on its way out.You'd have to have the timing and the axe just right.

Spiders are clever, they make 2 kinds of webs,one sticky one for catching flies and one non sticky for walking about on. Why don't they get mixed up ? I don't know. Perhaps they do occasionally, but if they do get one leg stuck theres another 7 they can drag themselves off with.

Hay is high in protein and energy so apparently it is especially great for long in the tooth horses and pregnant ones.
People can and do apparently eat oat hay! I wonder if they are as big as horses?
but mostly we eat whole oats...for breakfast. Porridge anyone?

A reputable Hay nutrition site assured me people eat Hay but I cannot find any recipes via Mr Google so I hope this will help.


  1. Thanks! I was too lazy to look them up myself!

  2. Hay! Nummy nums. Not really. I knew the spider thing. What's amazing is that they do this all by instinct. Their brains are too tiny for anything else. So there's no thinking or deliberating, no thought at all. They just do spin that web and do their thing. I don't think they ever get stuck either.

  3. Cool, anything that can make me learn something is good and you've helped me learn something. You should be very proud of yourself.


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