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Friday, May 20, 2011

Lardy lardy Lardy!!! AIR!!!

I know,this has probably happened to you. You’re doing your shopping, about to pick up your usual loo paper . Out of the corner of your eye, you see what looks like a new loo paper the shelf . You suddenly can’t decide between the two..... twenty minutes later , you’re still... standing there, deciding between them.....

So you read the fine print, it helps.....

Quilton 3 ply toilet tissue is now even softer our secret ingredient ; AIR

They are selling us AIR!!!

AIR!!! I hope it doesn't cost anymore, all that technology and all!



This one cracks me up, the fine print reads,Funeral Services Berganen & Sons

I think advertising/marketing gurus are really highschool kids, you know the ones, that can run with anything and make it funny for the next hour. And its been the same kids ...for years...'d be surprised!

what? I presume a guy wrote this one?

of course they are!


  1. I know I'M happy because I eat lard...and I got an early start on cola. But the VD? Hysterical!!!

  2. Who wouldn't be happy eating lard?

    And the VD is priceless.

  3. I once heard a grandmother say, when referring to an acquaintance who had gained a lot of weight, "She's larded up considerable."

    And I can't think of lard without that phrase coming to mind.

    And of course I've larded up considerable myself. But I don't drink cola.

  4. Those were great! "Everyone's pal" Heehee. Lard? Wow, Makes my stomach turn thinking about it.

    Still chuckling about the loose woman passing along her STD. Not that a loose GUY could do that. Nope.

  5. Love these. Very funny. My mother put coffee in my bottle when I was a baby. She rubbed my gums with whiskey and she let me drink coffee for breakfast at 9. Today she'd be in jail! I think I'm ok though. Can't tell if being nutty is a result of diet or genetics. haha

  6. Hmmm, I wonder if that's where the term "lard ass" came from?!

  7. I laughed at your indignation at them selling you air!

    Those adverts are great. I especially like the funeral directors one and the one about std, so funny.

  8. Those crack me up! And the lard, that's great!

  9. I've seen that lard ad before. It's hysterical. I could go for some lard right about now.

  10. OMG THESE ARE AAAAAAAMAAAAZING!!! Where did you find these? I almost spit out my coffee on the lard one. Too funny. What do you think people are going to make fun of that we use as advertising 60 years from now??

  11. It turns out the lard ad is a spoof from the British satirical comic Viz, issue 52, February / March 1992, on page 21. It's not a real advertisement.

  12. Just to let you know that there is something for you over at my blog :)

  13. Hello! Hubby here from
    What a fine blog you have here. I must say I'm impressed with all the blogs I have seen today. It's my first outing and I have come to tell you that you have been tagged today on my post. Hope you can join in the game.
    Hubby and Facing50

  14. Very funny. The lard one was the best.

  15. Lisa.. yay, me too lol I think I was allowed cola when I was about 7ish maybe, lemonaide was the fizzy king at our house for xmas , birthdays and picnics lol

    Juliana, I could do a whole blog with VD ads :)

    ami..oohhh I've larded up considerable myself too , I like cola with my rum :)

    Portia, so many ads blamed the woman . lard makes great pastry or is that suet...what is suet?

    BB your mum sounds awesome lol

    OMS my case..yes heheh

    lyndy..I was very indignant,lol it was catching, pinched it from my friend kez.
    I have found an online depository of old aussie newspapers.....

    lizbeth, I love em !

    climb to 0 .. my MIL used to have dripping sandwiches, I'm thinking its similar to lard.urgh solid fat is solid fat ....

    Cake betch... I would tell you but then I'd have to ....... :)
    I can think of many lol

    lyndy mwa thanks :)

    facing 50 , I love these things, thanks

    cube .. I found out it wasn't a real ad :(


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