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Monday, May 30, 2011

Mad Monday

I have money to burn...apparently
Arrrgh I paid $33 to have the inspection for car registration done when I didn't need to. I didn't notice the NO in NO INSPECTION REQUIRED on the registration renewal...sigh...
Nice of the mechanic not to notice aswell, he had to use the information on the renewal to fill in the pink slip. I pay 6 monthly,so I must have had one done last time.

The afternoon was spent turning on and off the electricity. Husband is renovating our bathroom and we had to put a piece of fibro up on the wall and slip it behind some electrical conduit and move a light fitting at the same time. It didn't sit right so I gave it a shove.think I broke a wire because now the light he was trying to reseat won't work and the fan/heater/light that was installed last week won't work either. So the electrician is coming tomorrow afternoon to fix it. Before we setteled on the electrician though ,I was in an endless procession back and forth to the metre box to turn it nothing....

It reminds me of when I was a child ,we had an old tv aerial on the roof and this black plastic ticker tape looking wire wound around the verandah pole and across the wall of the house and in through the window to the TV. Dad would be up on the roof,moving the aerial and us kids would be in the loungeroom shouting up ..yeees,nooo,yeees, noo, had it, no go back.yeah thats it...ahhh nooo,at the same time Dad's shouting, is that it? tell me when its that it now? Eventually he would come down and bang the tv a couple of times,try moving the actual tv, and tape the aerial wire to the wall behind it when it was the least fuzzy.


  1. oh the joys! I hate spending money when I don't have to and I remember those days with my dad and the tv aerial too.

    I am due to get Jack's bathroom redone too and I am dreading it but looking forward to it at the same time! It took 4 wks last time :(

  2. Your description of Dad moving the antennae around on the roof brought back memories! It was the same at our house! Cable TV really changed everything! Finally we could see one of the major networks clearly! AND then there was HBO or Home Box Office, where you could watch the same movie 100 times in a month because that's pretty much the only movie they played. Good times!

  3. Too bad you don't live by me, cuz my husband owns a shop, and HE WOULD HAVE NOTICED the "no inspection required" and sent you on your way. :) We had the exact same experiences with our antenna—something our kids will never know.

  4. That's funny, I remember my dad going out and fixing the antenna on the TV...hehe!

  5. OMG,the TV antenna brought back so many memories in a flash. How did we survive then?

  6. Our TV had a problem with the vertical hold. One had to take a book and whack the top of the television in exactly the right spot to make it stop. Temporarily.


    Thanks for the tag... probably gonna show up Wed on my bloggy.

  7. Ah yes, the old aerial adjustment. It must be easy now with mobile phones. The last time I had to do it, early nineties, we at least had a cordless phone we could use then.

  8. I've learned the hard way to look at the small print. I don't know how it happened but I'm legally obliged to listen to the words that come out of Jill Y's mouth and some of those words are not complimentary either!

  9. We had an old tv where the picture would squish up into a narrow band in the middle of the tv. But a good whack on the top would make it pop back to a full screen again! That's about the extent of my trouble shooting abilities :)

  10. what? my comments dissapeared...

    lydny, teach me to look next time. bathroom is almost as bad as kitchen I think. I don't think mine will ever be finished lol

    Portia... we had cable when it first cam out, was the same here, we only had it for the intitial sign up 3 months as by then we had seen every movie twice.....

    Lisa.... lots of things have gone by the wayside hey.. life is easier, fater, but I'm not sure it's as much fun when it goes so fast.What funny memories will they have?

    Lisbeth, some things jsut stick in my head lol

    BB... with good humour?

    Ami, ours was the orizontal hold, if the little knob on the back wouldnt stop it, it was WHAK lol

    Andrew...ha ..why didint we think of that a few weeks ago? lol we had to change the old aerial for the was a similar process lol


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