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Friday, May 27, 2011


F50's hubby over at fortifying your 50's tagged me in this meme. You should take a look at their's F50's blog but hubby has been doing some writing and the both of them are really funny and interesting.
I quite like these taggy things as you know,so here goes.

Do you think you're hot?

Not sure I understand the question.....
pffft no, infact I'm freezing, it's zero celcius right now at 9.30am,and I'm tucked up under the doonas ,electric blanket on with my laptop.(its saturday morning and I don't need to be anywhere)Fingers and face are like ice brrrr

Upload a picture or wall paper that you are using at the moment.

someone... is always asking what time is it?

When was the last time you ate chicken?
wednesday night,Gemma and Aaron brought over some KFC for Les for his birthday. The state of origin rugby league was on,so the kids were treated to Les doing a lot of shouting at the tv.I'm not sure Aaron was game to barrack much.....Aaron went for the maroons while Les is a blues supporter.........round 2 is 2 weeks awy, if I can find an old vcr to tune in to the projector they can watch it on the big screen .

The song/songs you listened to recently
Bride/Groom wedding dance songs and father/daughter dance songs. So many of them are so soppy. They had chosen Unchained Melody,but have now gone with Jerry and the Pacemakers, You'll Never Walk Alone. Ohh the father daughter ones are either so soppy about angels , some are almost incestuous, she was mine first and some of them are pass the bucket stuff! We wanted something sentimental but not sickening. We've chosen,the Temptations,My Girl and making it fun.

\in between starting writing this and finishing it, I woke up with this song in my head this morning.I haven't heard it for ....years, and now it's stuck in my head.

What were you thinking while doing this?
what time is it,i have to go to the butchers and the chemist before the close at 12. i still have 2 hours and its only 3 minutes away.

Do you have any nicknames? What are they?
When I was a kid I wanted a real nicknaame,something cool,like a friend who was nicknamed Sandy or Bobby when it had nothing to do with their names. I got shortened to Bernie urgh,or worse Cinders( my surname was Cincotta,back then) Bobby would have been better than Bernie,but no one would use it.How did those girls in the 40's do it? You know the Marjories that became Bobbies or changed to their middle names because they liked them better?
In highschool two of my friends called me Dette, and now I've found them many years later ,one of them has remembered and I'm Dette again. I also get called Bee ,friends in Qld couldn't spell it writing it down and shortened it to Bee...where were they in primary school ???

Tag eight blogger friends...

7 way2schoolforcool A brand new blog from a youngster with a hell of a background , but getting on with school and life iwth a great attitude. I'm one of her 3 followers. She is going to have an interesting blog from what I've seen so far.

8 thewellfedspirit/abitchcalledmom Mrs Hyde has 2 alter ego blogs,both very different and good reads.The bitch is very funny.

Who's listed as number one? empty nesters blog is a great read, her and her hubby have an empty house for the first time in 25 yrs,she writes about all sorts of things, its interesting and fun.,Our lives seem a little parallel at the moment with the kids having flown the coop.

Say something about number five?Lizbeth is a great mum of 3, who like me ,writes about anything and everything.I always enjoy .

How did you get to know number three? Through a comment she left on one of my blogger friends posts ,possibly A little sprite or Ami.Mental

How about number four? mmm I think she found me through a comment on another blog.

Leave a message for number six? mama, I have had to stop drinking any beverages while reading your blog , I make such a mess ,spray everywhere, your last post was the last straw :)

Leave a lovey- dovey message for number two? Sandra you know I love you right ? lol mwa

Do number seven and number eight have similarities? nope none at all that I can see .


  1. Love the father/daughter song y'all picked! Breezy picked a John Prine song--which was crazy but it's the first song her daddy taught her to play on the guitar. AND he used to sing it to the girls when they were little so that's the one she wanted. A couple of people said that was the first time they'd ever heard John Prine at a wedding. Which is another indicator that it was Breezy who picked it. LOL

  2. love the father/daughter song picked! so cute! and now, I'm craving KFC :)

  3. KFC cravings here too. I wanted to be called Sam. How I got tht from Barb I don't know. Now I love my name. Nice post.

  4. Thankyou so much! I love your blog :) Your words are so lovely. I am really glad that you are enjoying my blog, and I'll give you a mention in my blog tomorrow! :D x

  5. EmptyNester, I haven't heard of John to youtube I go :) that's a lovely reason to pick a song .

    stephanie.. thanks, did you end up getting any KFC?

    BB thanks Sam :) get thee some chookie

    Jess, you're very welcome, I do, I love your blog, its so fresh and honest :)


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