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Friday, November 25, 2011


Slow couple of weeks,nothing of note to report,pretty unfunny really.Sold the last of the wedding bits and pieces,helped moved Chloe and Jess to the renovated big shed/grannyflat at Jess's parents. Seriously it is bigger than the living space at their flat.

To move them I had to drive one of these

when i normally drive one of these

I did ok, Chloe paid for insurance for the day...just in case...
I almost collected 3 cars changing lanes, luckily I had Gemma as the spotter.."MuuuUUUuuuuMM.....theres a CAAAAAR"

I don't know how, but am still not smoking :) , browsing youtube instead.....

During my browsing adventures of youtube while trying not to think about a cigarette, I came across a group I had totally fogotten about."Middle of the Road"
For me this was the sound of 1971,I have no LP's of this group. it was before my purchasing power , money was still in my future. Sally Carr's pretty voice was on the radio all day it seemed. They had a string of hits, these 3 my favorites.

Interesting trivia, Sally dated Sweet lead singer Brian Connolly! I wonder if they fought over the hairdryer?!!

see! the same hair!

I've entered the facebook circle of mums top 25 blogs,If you llike, can you vote for my blog here please. I have a link up on the side bar there, but you may not find me with that , you have to scroll...............................................right to the bottom. I can't win it, number 1 has over 12oo votes, but not coming last would be a be good look...........Ta Muchly


  1. Forget the music - check out those boots she's wearing in the first clip! Uggh - I had forgotten all about them.
    Ahhh - the '70s - the epitome of good taste in everything.
    [The vote is in.]

  2. Nice to hear from you! You had warned us that you were gonna be driving a big rig... was hoping everyone around you did okay. ;)


  3. I voted! Glad you didn't get into any "mishaps" while driving the big wheels! So proud of you for not smoking still. That's remarkable. Keep it up. Hugs.

  4. Good job driving that big vehicle and about not smoking. It will get easier in time. And, oh, the nostalgia!

  5. So glad you're still not smoking.

    Smoking ciggarettes that is, I'm sure you're still smoking HOT!


  6. That little car is so cute. I can't listen to the music because I am beside hubby in bed right now. Glad you didn't smash into anyone.

  7. Hey there, I voted and you're not at the bottom anymore! So glad the moving went well, it's stressful for everybody no matter how well you plan.

    Take care...


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