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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Motherhood- a whine from 1992

I thought as I had entered the Aussie mums blogging comp, I 'd write a bit about mothering, when I was in the thick of it.

I recently found my old journal from when the kids were little,in this entry, Danny was 2 days until his 1st birthday,Gemma was 21 months, and Chloe 4 and a half.

18th June 1992

Here's a snippet :)

I was horrible to the kids all day today.
Have the flu, feel rotten, but I guess all the kids could feel was I wanted them away from me.The two bigger kids especially kept hanging around bugging me and wouldn't do ANYTHING I asked.
I think I set a record for screaming to day..amount and decibel level.We don't have many day's like today thank goodness. or I'd be in the nuthouse, the white van would be in my driveway....motor running.
Les didn't help any , grrr, if he's crook he just lays on the lounge ask's Gemma to get him a pillow, Chloe for a blanket and me for a cuppa in that simpery I'm dying voice....and stay's there for 2 days.
The day went like this:
6.30 am kids up, watch some TV
7.15 brekky ,then played and watched cartoons, me up and down for drinks ,food and the baby
10am Baby asleep
10.30 urgh Baby awake...cmon... normally I get 2 hours :(
10.45 may as well stay up,showered..great... scalding then cold, Les hosing garden fiddling with spray pressure.Looks like he is going to mow lawns..
Kids would not play outside,
didn't want to watch a movie ,
didn't want to play in room,
didn't want to do anything.
I yelled a lot till they went outside.I vacuumed, sorted out the washing and put away.Washed up from dinner last night and breakfast.Now...guess what...
12md...time for lunch...all back inside, fed and ...they stay inside.
1.30 a break to rest and breastfeed Danny for his nap , other two fighting and jumping around.
2.30 finally a rest of sorts while baby sleeps and kids finally happy to watch a movie.
3.30 went up the street to buy nappies
3.45.get dinner on.
5pm Chloe and Gemma in bath Les and I eat dinner.Danny in bath other two out.Trimmed Gemmas hair.
7pm Put bigger kids to be half an hour early.Funnily enough they seemed happy to go down.Probably sick of the yelling.
7.15 B'fed Danny, he crashed quickly.
7.30 AAAAH on my own. Made Les and I a cuppa.
7.35.Phone rings..Work,can I work night shift tonight? ....NO
8.30Gemma wet the bed ALREADY,I'm sure I took her to the loo before bed, have to get rid of that bottle. Changed her and put her back.
8.45 sit and watch some TV, write this journal up.Was going to go to bed, but Les tiling ensuite,so will stay up have a cuppa, watch Vizard & Midnight Caller then AAAHHH SLEEP
TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY. Hope the kids don't remember this one.

The kids don't remember it, though they do remember my yelling in general ....


  1. I well remember having to take care of my children when I was sick. It was sooo difficult. One nice thing about being old is when I'm sick I can stay in bed for days if I want to.

  2. lol, me too. the first thing that struck me when I read it was 6.30am!!! I have forgotten what it's like that it still dark??

  3. When yuppies whinge about parents getting benefits [like the recent budget cut to parenting allowance] I am happy to say raising children is a big job and someone's got to do it. As I've not done my share I don't begrudge a cent of it. After reading this - NOT whining - I can see parents are grossly undervalued [though hopefully not by their kids].

  4. My kids were in daycare while we worked, and I still remember weekend days when they were exactly like this. On weekdays, the rush to pick them up, get home, and get dinner prepared for a pair of grouchy hungry overtired kids, then bath and beddy and so forth -- we called it the arsenic hour. Wish I had journaled those years, now that they are grown it would be eye-opening to read. A good post.


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