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Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday evening chit chat

ahhh thank goodness thats over.I hate moving, even if its someone else moving.Gemma and Aaron, moved to the next town over,where they both work. On Saturday morning we turned up and Aarons' mum was there with a station wagon and a tiny tiny trailer. A friend had been asked to help with a ute and trailer,but there is always the worry that people say Yes, but something comes up on the day.So ,after some mild(ok almost tears) panic, he arrived and we knocked most of it over in the morning. There was a 2nd trip for some heavy things,then filling 3 cars with bits and pieces on Sunday and then last minute crap today,mostly stuff they don't want and are selling. Handed the key in,glad to see the back of this house. It was only cheap, but nasty. She only took the place because the one she was in was zoned commercial and she had to move,and this was literally the only house available. In the bedroom where the walls met,you could see outside, there was a man sized hole in the plaster work. It was filthy. She got about 8 weeks free rent to pay for paint and plaster to make it livable. It was never nice though and depressing. The new place is older as most of the homes are in our country area, but nice.....and clean.

We(me) forgot to organise electricity though,so they've had a couple of romantic nights with candlelight,an open fire and a campstove. One to go, it will be on tomorrow.

arrrgh, I have the flu, the kids were coughing and spluttering all weekend and passed it on to us.But I'm not sick enough for any sympathy,just tired and a cough.Just whiny.

The last few weeks have gone very fast with Danny's Marching Out Parade coming up, but now it's the final's draaaaging. On Friday we head off too Kapooka in Wagga Wagga to see Danny graduate from Army training.He enlisted back on the 5th April, its been a hectic and exhausting 81 days for him,and while he says he is really happy he did it, he will be glad when it's over.It's his 20th Birthday today.On Friday I'll be bursting with pride and probably cry, combined with the arms out charging hug, he won't know what hit him.


  1. I'm reminded by the photo of the Clampetts moving to Beverley Hills. Hope you feel better soon. Lucky you haven't caught man flu, which is close to deadly.

  2. Hope you feel better soon! It's sad to have your kids away on their birthday and to have him at boot camp on his birthday really stinks! I'm sure you won't be the only mom ready to knock her son over with a hug on Friday! Congrats to him! Does he know where he will be stationed?

    I thought this was funny. My word verification word: glychopo


  3. Sorry that you're sick : (

    I hope you feel better soon. And all sick people deserve sympathy! I hate being sick.

    I'm glad you'll be seeing Danny on Friday. I hope all of you enjoy all the hugging.

  4. feel better! and glad they got moved and mostly settled!! :)

  5. Ugghhhh, I hate being sick. Hopefully you'll perk up soon.

  6. It may not work for everyone but when I'm sick, I usually mock those around me and immediately feel better. I know your background and training will probably tell you that this is not a medically sound way of doing things but it works for me!

  7. Sending healing vibes your way :-)

    I can empathize with you about hating moving, but there is something exciting about being in a new place and turning new corners.

  8. Andrew..yes same same LOL I'm pretty sure it was man flu !!!

    Portia, there was a HUGE crowd, took about 7 busloads to transport us all to the parade ground and it was freezing cold waiting.He is in Melbourne for now where the signals school is.

    Dina...I got 2 hugs in :)

    steph, thanks, all good now :)

    Mrs t, yeah i hate it, all better now :)

    Billy sounds like a good plan actually :)

    cube, yes there is. lifes an adventure :)


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