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Friday, June 24, 2011

He's in the Army now

My youngest Danny is now a soldier. He marched out today. He looks really proud,we are even prouder.


  1. Wow, mega proud moment! and a very proud mummy :)

  2. Yeah! You have A LOT to be proud of!

  3. you have lots to be proud of! but then again I'm a little partial to soldiers... I happen to be married to one! :)

  4. Aww, congrats :-) He looks very handsome.

  5. You both must be so proud of your son. He has reached a milestone that many aspire to but never acquire. Congratulations to you all.

  6. Aww he looks very proud! Love the uniform! Congratulations to him!!

  7. What a wonderful day. Your pride shines through in all of you. :)

  8. *sniffle* He looks so handsome and proud. The bird has truly left the nest. Good job, Mum and Dad!

  9. That's awesome! You must be so proud of him!

    He looks so... adult and manly and all... I love seeing a man in uniform.

    Congratulations to all of you.

  10. Congratulations to you and him! I hope where ever he is going he'll be safe!

  11. I'm so behind in reading. Congratulations to your son and to you for raising such a wonderful young man. You should be proud. As can be!!!!

  12. lyndy, yep I am, twas a good day :)

    steph :)

    cake..thanks, yeah I thinks so too lol


    portia, I think he is, yes he looks great,thankyou :)

    julianna, yes it does lol

    ONS sniffle...yes :)thanks

    Ami, LOL :)thankyou too. for now he is in a holding unit as his course doesnt start till jan 12. so he is keeping busy with small courses, like grenades and rocket launcers LOL

    BB, I am, thankyou :)


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