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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random animal tails

My daughter rang about 1am, "someone left a horse in my yard!
She had heard a rock being thrown at her door and went outside to find a miniature horse that someone had tied to the gate. Must have given her a fright,the last time she saw a horse it had taken off on her and she fell and broke her hip,at least this one was to small to do any damage,not that she would have climbed aboard.......I don't think......there was the incident with the skateboard a couple of months ago.She decided at 21 yrs of age to try skateboarding,I'm pretty sure this lasted all of 5 minutes... before she came a cropper and broke her elbow. But..I digress...back to the horsey.About an hour later she rang again(lucky I'm a night owl up reading blogs) ' 2 drunks just stole the stolen horse!!!'

It's a very small town, a horse,even a miniature one will be noticed quickly so I'm sure it will be back with it's owner tomorrow some time. Horses and cars are alike,very recognisable,there's zero in the way of car theft here..I mean where are you going to drive it?A friends? The conversation would be something along the lines of "why are you driving your cousins' girlfriends' sister in laws' car?"

I remembered another animal incident tonight.
It was a long time ago.
Last year.
I set fire to the cats tail.
Not on purpose,but by the look Kitty gave me I don't think she believed me. I was having a leisurely cigarette when the phone rang,so i bent down to put it out in the ashtray,I must have got up suddenly because the cat got a fright and dashed in front of me at the same time. I headed in the front door and she dashed in ahead of me.
I could smell something .
yep definately smoke.
As i headed through the house the youngest sang out "why is there smoke coming from the cat??? WTF??? sure enough there was smoke pouring from her tail so i grabbed her and dunked her tail in the cats water. There was a phhssssss sound .....and a dreadful smell.

Cats hair smells remarkably like human hair when burnt. Interesting fact.


  1. that really made me chuckle! That miniature horse sounds so so sweet too :)

  2. What a wonderful place you live - the land of the miniature horses, flaming cats, and drunken thieves. Awesome!

  3. There's hardly anything I can say that will top, "Two drunks just stole the stolen horse." That right there is just funny!

  4. Gotta love drunk people stealing horses.
    Your cat story made me quickly think back to when I was a kid and decided to cut a chunk of hair off of all 3 of my mom's cats. She wasn't too happy about it. Luckily after about a year it had all evened out.

  5. lyndylou....mmmm I don't trust them, they don't wag their tails. forgot kamakazi kangaroos.

    Lisa... thanking you... wonder if I ever get to use that line again :)

    rhetoric camel...a year? how much hair is a chunk???

  6. ::snort::

    Sounds disgusting.

    Does your cat run when you light up a smoke now?

  7. Thanks for the first laugh of the day. Are you sure there aren't still laws where you live about hanging horse theives? (even minature ones).
    I was at a party one New Years Eve when someone stood too close to the candles on the mantlepiece and set fire to her hair. fortunately it was put out before she got burnt, but she wore her hair short for a while after that>.

  8. Ami..funnily

    Anji.. writing at 2am has to be funny,I think its the law.
    hanging horse theives, If you shouted loud enough around Australia Day..probably could make it happen.
    ooow poor woman ,very lucky.

  9. Can you get arrested for riding drunk???

    Poor kitty....guess smoking CAN be dangerous to someones health :-)

  10. I must say that I love your honesty! I can't imagine that I'd be brave enough to share a story like yours! I'm glad the cat is okay!

  11. Why is there smoke coming from the cat!...ok, not really supposed to laugh, but really...really??? It's funny! And it's not a sentence that probably gets uttered very often.

  12. Hi :)

    I have a theory about cats but this is not the place for it. I also have a theory about rabbits but again, that's for another day too. I reckon the cat now has a very individual looking tail and the other cats either have mucho respect for her or else they take the yellow stuff out of her all the time.

  13. iggy...I don't know..probably cruelty it was a miniature horse lol

    lol...haven't herd her coughing....

    ameena...ahhh I have no secrets lol would hope not hahaha

    Bil Y...must hear your theory...and rabbits too ? lol
    all the hair grew would never know...mayb e other cats can tell?

  14. What adventures, and poor cat! I hope he/she has forgiven you by now-


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