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Saturday, May 5, 2012


It get's in the way of blogging.
I WAS on a roll!!
Gemma had some prem labour, went to the local hospital and they transferred her to Canberra, it all settled down with the meds and she now has steroid cover for the bubbies lungs. she is 32 weeks tomorrow,hoping to cook them for at least another 2.It's hard being 2 hours from your new husband. In fact I remember uttering these exact words in tears" but we've never had a night apart" it's "Yay I get the TV to myself all night ", but seriously it is hard for them, esp with the worry of prem labour and the extra cost of petrol in the back and forth as Aaron has to go work.

running out of room

Other news, not so good: My niece Rhi,  the hyper aspy, was sacked from her job!!! She brought in a CRS worker to help her keep her job because of an issue, a meeting was held to make reasonable workplace adjustments a month ago and there have been no issues since, then bang ,on Friday, instant dismissal with a letter, 2 weeks pay and  a here's your hat there's the door. I am soooo ropable.She's on a bus right now coming down to me for a hug and we will work on an anti discrimination claim. I don't normally swear but FAAAAAAAAARK. sorry .

On another note,Les decided to try and make a barbed wire ball....nooo not to keep the kids out of the garden ! It's actually up on a column. I have horrid memories of this stuff from when Gemma was 3 and literally ran into a barbed wire fence...shudder. So up and out of the way, by the time they are tall enough to touch it ,they will be old enough to know better.

It's bigger than it looks
He's spraying it with salt water to get it rusty.

Seriously, he saved over $300 doing it himself.........wanna buy one??? haha


  1. I hear ya on the being away thing. I love having the bed to myself every once and a while. But, when I'm sick and nervous, no way. I want him there with me as miserable as me.

    Love the barbed wire ball. Didn't think I would either, but I love it. :) But sadly, I'd probably have it fall on my head. OR I'd wake up with a very pissed squirrel in it.

  2. Hang in there! Poor Gemma, she must be feeling all sorts of emotions right now.

    I don't usually mind when DH is gone, but right now we're on the third weekend in a row.... We will both be glad when he's back home (in a few more days).

    That barbed wire ball is way more attractive than it sounds. Glad you posted a picture of it! It was probably a bit tricky to make.

  3. Just hoping every one keeps well [though for anyone who would make a ball with barbed wire, it might be too late. Still, it has a very neat spherical shape, and that's gotta be worth something.]

  4. I hope those babies hang in there for at least a couple more weeks! The labor-stopping meds are no fun either!

    Much luck to Gemma and family!

  5. Yeah. I imagine it would be hard for Gemma to be away from her husband at this time. I hope everything goes well with the baby!

    I'm sorry about your niece. I'm glad she has you for comfort.

  6. I've been where Gemma is now (and all turned out fine), and it is nerve wracking at best. It might help to know that premie babies do lots better now than even 10 years ago, if the bedrest isn't enough. Sending lots of good thoughts to all of you.

  7. Fingers crossed the babies stay put for a bit. Twins are always too antsy to get out of there cramped quarters it seems. It's unnerving for the newlyweds but better that she is in good medical hands. Keep us posted. Hubby is quite talented. This is a great idea/design. Big hugs Grandma!

  8. I'm sorry. Don't love the barbed wire. :)

    But sending good thoughts Gemma's way, hope the babies stay put a little longer and that she and her hubby are able to be together sooner rather than later.

    nice to 'hear' from you

  9. I love the barbed wire ball! So cool :) Hope Gemma manages to hold onto those babies a wee bit longer and I hope you and your niece kick ass as that is so wrong!
    Hope things are good with you hun XX

  10. It's a while since I visited your blog and now Gemma is almost there!

    Fingers crossed she hangs on a bit longer.

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