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Thursday, November 25, 2010

some aussie speak

tough cookies = bad luck

brolly = umbrella

chook = chicken
I have chooks in my backyard, they give me an eggaday if i'm lucky

shot through = done a bunk = done the bolt = dissapeared....

thats a bit hot = thats a bit ripe = thats a bit steep = unfair or expensive

a bit more choke and you would have started = u should be flyin around the room = who let the dog in? = something crawl up there and die? =fart

carked it=died

a good few =lots

having a squizz=just looking

talking nineteen to the dozen= talks non stop

face-ache = an irritating person--------- (theres an oldy i havent heard since school in the 70's)

buckleys chance=buckleys and none=no chance whatsoever

uggh boots=sheepskin boots

rooted=just had sex or very very tired

buggered= very tired

turn it up= stop it

suck eggs = ha ha serves u right ...

mad as a hatter.......nutty as a fuitcake........bats in the belfry...sandwich short of a pcinic.......2 cents short of a dollar.......a bit thick...thick as a dunny door....thick as 2 planks...........a fruit loop......

going to rats= doing something really really fast.

bit rough around the edges........>>>>>>>>feral = a person who lives differently to the rest of us
scrubber = female of the above species

I reckon = my 2 cents worth

bloody oath=too right=i agree

Your gotta be kidding= i don't agree

he'll run rings around me= someone u cant keep up with in speed or conversation.


ohhh on ya.... sarcastic thanks NOT

Yanks and Poms= Americans and British.
had a funny chat with some girls from Canada and US yesterday and they
didn't know what a PERGOLA was. I'll clear it up for you

Pergola = outdoor entertainment area
Its basically a patio, but it can be attatched to the house or
freestanding. A patio is always attatched to the house. A patio can be
without a roof, just a concrete slab or pavers. A pergola always has a
roof of some sort ,might be just beams open to the sky, or covered with
shadecloth or might be very upmarket and have a clorbond steel roof. A
pergola is is always "open ' where a patio can be screened. LOL clear
as mud???

when i go swimming I wear my cossies if I'm in NSW and my togs if I'm in queensland

Randy=horny=feel like having sex

root=have sex

Pissed= very,very drunk..there are stages of pissed ...just pissed, heaps pissed, way pissed,paraletic pissed,passed out pissed.

If you are wondering why soembody is in a bad mood try asking them "whats up with you, you got a hair across your arse???"

to get people to go away, you can tell them to "rack off" ":get lost" piss off""f*** off" or "buggar off"

"dead set"= as a question = really? or as an answer=yep true

if you "get agro" you are really, really cranky and about to hit someone.

"going somewhere this arvo" youre going there in the afternoon

"airy fairy" nosense = talking about religion or can also be talking about someone seen to be "snobby" puting on "airs and graces" thinking a lot of themselves type of person.

"fanny" is not the bit you sit on over here, rather its the female "private parts" so when you talk about "falling on your fanny" or "sweet fanny apples" or something it makes for a "bit of a shock."

oh and we wear thongs on our feet =flip flops

g-string= thong

One time i said Hooray (goodbye cya later) in depression chat room and the person leaving got most upset, they thought I was cheering because they were leaving .....ooops

on that note I'll say hooray
ok that'll do, okey dokey, enuffs enuff,



  1. We say "tough cookies" in the US as well. But "having a squizz" sounds like it could be pornographic! Speaking of pornographic, we say "horny" here too, but haven't said "randy" much since the 70's. As far as the drunk version of the word "pissed," I learned that meaning from the Chumbawumba "Tub Thumping" song. "Pissing the night away..." They still play that song a lot over here. Aggro is a term that I first heard in the online RPG game, Everquest. If a monster gets angry and chases you all over until it kills you or you kill it, that's aggro. Thongs and flipflops are interchangeable here. But then we've been over that, hehe. *hugs*

  2. lol, another one is" tough titties" which came into use in australia when Ma Anand Sheela was spokesperson for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh,and used it when asked about concerns regarding the expansion of his cult in WA.
    yeah I think you have to be over 40 to use the word randy now lol
    I haven't heard the tub thumping song, will have to google :)
    theres heaps more, but I guess we don't know its different till someone says 'what???" lol

  3. I think I may borrow some of these...quite colorful.

  4. Because the world doesn't always hate me, I work with a lot of women. The only downside is that most of the time I haven't a clue what they are talking about. Thanks to your post, I now know about uggh boots. They're gonna be so impressed with me on Monday morning when I arrive in with my new found knowledge! Keep up the good work

  5. lol jan, wonder which ones ?

    Bill Y....if its cold over there they might be wearing them,you really will impress hahaha you could always buy your own pair and show them off :)


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