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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do I???

I kind of like taggy things, it's a bit like filling in forms, fill this space. I just like talking really, you can't drown me out ,even on paper.

Here are some answers to the what is and do I questions.
Do I remember? first memory.

My earliest memory must be when I was less than 12 months old, I don't remember seeing anything, but I can still evoke the taste and feel of a rubber teat and rosehip juice.
I have short memories,little glimpses into what I was like as a toddler,demanding and playful.
Having a tantrum,because the batteries ran out while vacuuming with my 1960's toy vacuum cleaner,sitting in a highchair,singing loudly for my supper while banging on the tray,being pushed along in the pram and stopping to pet a donkey and getting roused by my mum for chewing a hole in the satin border of the cot blanket at my nonnas.

What is....the dish you most often eat?
at the moment that would be home made pizza. Once a fortnight ,we buy all the bits and pieces,a few packets of lebanese bread for the bases and sit down a make a couple of dozen and freeze them. They have come in pretty handy since daylight saving,I forget to look at the time, so at 8pm,they've given up waiting and we have pizza cos its quick.Method in my madness?......maybe...

Are you a runner? Jebus..No...I can barely walk without falling over...............

First and last band you saw live...........ohhh now I'm going to show my age. First band was The Angels at the gorgeous Enmore theatre.....I think it"s gone now,burnt down,but anyhoo,it was there when I was. I won the tickets on 2sm radio.......remember Ian McRae and disco chook?
2sm was THE radio station of the 70's,with the Top 40,and Frank Hyde calling the footy.
The last band I saw were actually 2, The Reels and Mental as Anything. It was in a smallish club in the days when you could drink and smoke inside. They packed the place,it was hard to breathe, and I'm a smoker, I remember worrying about fire and leaving early...heading somewhere else to see a band that never made it...The Singles.

Looking for photos,I can't believe I found ANYTHING about The Singles.They ad one indie single out in 1980 that I and about 17 others actually bought.The did play it on JJJ...twice....It was called Someone that I knew ,I probably still have it in a box in the shed.

do you ever wear bike pants?
you will thank me when I tell been on a bike maybe twice in my life...theres no need....thankfully!


  1. I remember the day my sister was born. Our neighbour carried me round to her house and let me lift the door latch to let us in, I wasn't two years old then.

    I'm with you on the bike pants.

  2. I do too lol,and the car basket on the backseat with no seatbelts lol

  3. I just want to let you know that the Expose Your Blog site is working. I was doing the surf thingie and up came your blog! Interesting answers, by the way. :)

  4. Hey, thanks Amy, the stats have gone up , I will have to write more now lol

  5. Earliest memory is 12 months? Impressive. Mine was 3 years.


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