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Saturday, November 20, 2010

about me

Totally self serving blog today.

I've entered a comp to win a holiday to Ireland.
Only problem is ,it needs votes. I had a quick look a the first few pages of entries and there was only handfuls of votes, I think 21 was tops...then I looked at the leader board....I have to beat 327 votes somehow.
I don't have this many friends even on Facebook!
This couple is about 200 votes ahead of the next highest, they must be harassing friends, neighbors and all and I thought I'd give that a go,
Consider yourselves harassed and BEGGED .

Here is the link, if you have a spare 3 minutes PLEASE vote for Bernadette and Les.You need to signup to the websiet to vote but yu can leave the email box unticked so the leprechauns wont clog up your inbox. We don't deserve to go to Ireland any more than the next person...but it would be fun to win ...and dammit I want to beat someone who has 327 friends :)

Thankyou !Thankyou!..if I win I'll send you a postcard ^.^


  1. I voted for you!

    I hope you win!!!

  2. Welcome to ExposeYourBlog! ;)

    (you'll have to change you comment box as this one breaks frames)

  3. Hi anji,
    thanks for the welcome.
    umm how do I do that?I have no idea what it means lol

  4. From your blogger dashboard, click on settings tab. Choose comments and click on that. Scroll down a bit and you'll see 'Comment form placement'. Choose 'pop up window', scroll to the bottom and save settings. That's it. If you have any other questions I'm here to help!


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