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Monday, May 3, 2010


This made me cry. The message this young womans brings is the same for ALL people who suffer from discrimination and ridicule.


  1. Goebbels under the pink triangle put gay men and trangendered workers in concentration camps while lesbians were sent to be raped 12 hours a day as sex workers for the guards and soldiers of the third reich, until they were considered used and then shot. Hitler tried to 'convert' gays using prostitutes, but even with lives on the line, gay males could not meet 'heterosexual norms' and both the males AND the sex workers (now considered 'tainted') were shot.

    In the last 15 years, the escalation of violence against transsexual and transgendered individuals in the US is deliberately left off of the hate crimes stats, as they are the most extreme killings. The writer of Pink Blood about homophobic and transphobic violence in Canada starts with a transgender vancouver example where the individual was stabbed over 115 times. The last person who hunted down, and shot to death a transexxual in this province got 6 years - for deliberate murder. On this island, in Nanimo, the health care and hospital (under the same VIHA wing as I am under - and the same managers who questioned workers on how often Linda and I had sex), refuse to treat trans teens, police refuse to come to the scenes where fellow students are shooting into the house of an out trans high school student. That's in the paper. There is no outrage. Hate crimes. I hate them. There are always there.

    I used to try and remember the names, the gay man who was shot in Alabama when he told his best friend he was gay and his best friend pulled out a gun and shot him in the head. Isn't it worth remembering his name, that he died free? The transgender individual found again in Alabama who had been tortured with a knife for three days before being set on fire alive. Yes, it is worth remembering the names. They died in a war of hatred, and one day, they WILL have a memorial, and a wall of rememberance.

    In all these, they shine with the truth of being who they were, true to themselves, if only out for a minute before being killed. It is we, the society, the police who claimed it was NOT a hate crime, the religion which encourages members to act in an 'us' and 'them' way and doesn't recognize the essential truth that in all of the world, there is diversity.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Thanks Beth,it is horrific to even think about but it happens all too regularly.

    In all these, they shine with the truth of being who they were, true to themselves,
    Beautiful words Beth.Thankyou :)


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