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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A little giveaway contest

I have a jar of Harden's Own Honey to giveaway.

I have mentioned where I live many times,so I thought I would give the place a plug. We have a budding tourist industry all to do with make it, bake it, or grow it, as it is an inland rural village. This is my favorite produce.....other than wine ....which I can't drink.

If you're ever in Harden -Murrumburrah, popping into the Harden House of Honey is a must do, they have the yummiest honey milkshakes.Not as sickly sweet as it sounds, just yuuuum. They have everything bee and honey related,a small museum of sorts and how it's done demo.Some really cute gifts here and a coffee shop.For the kids the even have the photo op bee cutouts they pop their little faces into .

If you would like a jar of honey in the mail (well bubble wrapped )
1.leave a you best like your honey Iwasntbloggedyesterday facebook page and leave a comment there
3.follow me on twitter

any or all of these methods will get you an entry :)

winner will be announced 30th march :)

good luck


  1. This sounds like wonderful honey. I don't use much honey but I enjoy baking with it and putting it in my tea mostly.

    I'd follow you on twitter but I don't have an account there. I am trying to avoid having to have one just yet. But thought I should say hi just the same!

  2. Hi Trish, you still have an entry, thanks for visiting :)

  3. Hellooooo Honey! :)

    Youngest enjoys his honey on hot dogs and burgers if you can believe it. I love it in tea and chicken nuggets. And lately, we have been putting youngest's pills in a spoonful and it "makes the medicine go down" so much better. We get our honey local, from a guy down the street, but I would love to try yours!

    But, sadly, I have no idea how to tweet (I'll leave that for the birds) and I have to keep my FB account separate from my blog. :(

  4. Love honey! We make mead. :)

  5. Hi Portia, the newlyweds were given a bottle of mead for a wedding's their surname lol

  6. We made a batch of mead for my daughter's wedding and used it for the toast. Finished the last bottle recently. :)

    I didn't comment on the baby shower photos but I have to say that your daughter looks beautiful! She makes carrying twins look easy!


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