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Monday, December 12, 2011

More Meads

Sorry about that !
I'd been hanging out to share the news,but had to wait till the newlyweds did first of course.I was just about to go to sleep when my facebook wall popped up with their announcement.YES! Cats out of the bag now!!!Mind you I did let slip to a few people that didn't actually know Gemma or weren't in contact with other of her friends and family, me and secrets...not good.

Gemma is 11 weeks now, she found out at 4 weeks ,so it is going very slowly.

Its really been a whirlwind few months for them..and us. Stress mostly goes over my head these days, I still worry a little, but I've learned it's not going to change the outcome, but the young ones haven't so it's hard for them.

only 8 weeks ago :

A few weeks after the wedding Gemma came over later than I expected her and looked frazzeled,I asked what was up, she said "I don't know, but It took me ages to find my keys and I burst into tears". Hmmmmmmm....I told her the tears reminded me of when I was pregnant and didn't know yet. Later that evening ,she arrived back with Aaron a big big smile each and this:

A few days later ,morning sickness...... all day,hit with a vengeance and for Aarons 21st dinner, poor girl looked so pale:

FF another week, ultrasound :


and just last week she is already showing.......

Mood swings abound +++. Surviving this, they will survive anything I reckon! Makes me a little teary to see them bicker though as it's only a few weeks ago they were in the bliss bubble.
I believe a lot of it on Gemma's part is twofold, feeling constantly nauseous and exhausted plus fear. Fear of losing them, doing the wrong thing and losing them, doing the right things and losing them,then the fear of not being able to cope with a twin pregnancy, of not being able to cope with twins when they arrive, the list is endless in her head I imagine, and this swirls around in her head as a constant distraction, and then Aaron taps her on the shoulder for some reason and ROAR....Aaron...DUCK...quick !!!I remember well the feel of the red fog and sound of white noise during pregnancy, it ends thank goodness and I hope that next week being her 2nd trimester beginning,that it will be the beginning of the enjoyable part of pregnancy.I do remember enjoying being pregnant for most of it.In the meantime Poor St Aaron as I have dubbed him, continues to smile and ignore until his real wife returns and gives him THAT smile again and not the "you did this to me " smile.

Me: Gem I think you might be aneamic, I saw you stand still for a sec when you got up, were you dizzy?
Gemma: No, I probably forgot what I got up for.......

ohhhhh there are so MANY but I best not print...........or I may be dubbed Poor Saint Bernadette


  1. Poor girl does look a bit pale there! We went through this all last year with MY daughter so I know what you're going through. However, my daughter did not have TWINS! :)

    Much luck!

  2. OMG I am so excited for you (and them)! Keep us posted!!!!

  3. Congratulations all round, with lots of supportive encouragement for Gemma. :)

  4. Lots to deal with for anyone, but how lovely your support will be for her!!

  5. Congratulations to you all. I hope that Gemma starts to enjoy her pregnancy soon. feeling sick and tired all the time is no fun however much you're looking forward to being a mum.

  6. Twins? That is big news indeed! Congratulations! The best part is yet to come. :-)

  7. Very interesting... I really like it... Thank you so much...


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