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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

new years resolutions?
1 .lose the lard..I am feeling like a sloth and looking like one too
2.. move more.. this might help move the lard
3 blog at least weekly and get my readership to 100.

We had a lovely quiet Christmas the last one before the twins :)
Christmas eve was spent at a chinese restaurant in Canberra with Chloe & Jess and Jess's family. A fun night ,we were all wearing xmas lights and hats , good food ,great company .

We always do a xmas display ,our home has a small frontage of only 5om,wide and is almost on the footpath, so it looks a lot. Our street had the most lights again this year so we retain the street sign that says Santa St, in red .

Chloe has finally written a post on her blog which I found really interesting and wanted to share Stereotypes
I started to write her a reply that was turning into a blog post so I thought I would shadow her post here.

Is there such a thing as being too girly or having too much pink? acress Jayne Mansfield apparently thought not...she had her house painted pink, with cupids surrounded by pink fluorescent lights, pink furs in the bathrooms, a pink heart-shaped bathtub, and a fountain spurting pink champagne.She also built a pink heart-shaped swimming pool. google her house, but have bucket handy hahaha

Seriously though , I do see what Chloe is getting at.You don't have to be uber feminine and over emphasise the feminine to be femnine, there is a lot in between.
I also see what she means about the dressing "16" there are a LOT of women out there dressing the same, trans or not. It's a style ,one Chloe or you or I might not like but hey life is short and if their life is caught short, they are hit by a bus whilst scantily clad in a micro denim mini, and corset top, they may not mind at all!!!

And truly to me that is what being trans is about...being able to be who you are, wether that girl is conservative in sensible shoes and lace collar,trendy,goth or uber-pink princess or cougar skanky.
It comes back to that problem in her first paragraph where she talks about being judged more harshly as a trans girl.....therein lies the's really not the pink or the hat.

Women judge other women harshly, there is a pecking order which seems to do with body weight, age, ethnicity and then transwomen last , and then there is the same judgements again somehow judged against the top tier of the outcome of the first judgments,so effectively transwomen are judged against Miss Universe!!!

And so we come to femininity..

Just after writing this I came across this add for Libra Tampons and a campaign to remove the ad. I agree it needed changing or removing. The Libra page has been swamped with arguing for and against and a whole lot of transphobia. I shouldn't be shocked but I am.

I don't like the ad for various reasons

1 "Libra gets girls" only real women bleed? ahh beg to differ, I have a cousin born without ovaries , I myself have had a hyster and of course Chloe has no uterus..

2. Both those girls wanted to "win" at being the better girl and the bio girl resorted to nastiness, as that is what that was ,nasty. In the playground that behaviour would be called for what it is, bullying, usually on show in front of other girls to get a laugh.As a parent that sort of behaviour should be punished, not put on TV for a cheap laugh. Imagine a strong blonde girl in the playground and the freckled red head, and a bunch of other girls.......which girl ends up leaving the group and eating alone? Exactly the same thing.

3. The stereotyping idea that both those girls worth is in the mirror, lipstick, breast size etc,the competitiveness and we all want to be represented like that?

I have read a lot of comments from people who can't see the problem with the add as its funny. Yes it is funny, if you are a drag queen, not if you are transgender, the problem is the public don't know the difference and think they are one and the same. In fact one drag queen has been nasty about it on the libra facebook site today, and I was shocked by the vitriol and nastiness that came out of her keyboard!!! Again with the judgement, telling a transgender girl that she didn't pass and would never be a whole woman...Where the hell does that come from?
Even arguments about why a drag queen was in the bathroom with the woman and that is why the public assume the girl is transgender .aAaaargh when is the worrying about what is under the skirt going to end??? What difference does it make to you? honestly? does it matter if you know or not?
I have just heard that the ad has been pulled in New Zealand and from facebook,so presumably will not hit Australian TV screens .

is it offensive? killerdee has a good read here and makes sense better than I can .

A win !!


  1. LOL well that's karma for the libra people - an ad that is so controversial the product is forgotten while everyone bitchfights about the rest of the story!

    "If I am not myself, who will be me?"

    If anyone has a problem with who we are, it is their problem.

  2. PS hope twenty twelve takes you all a step closer to your dream...

  3. Judging and hating people for any reason is wrong and cruel. I don't understand why people do it.

  4. People should walk a mile in a person's shoes before they judge and jokes that hurt people are just not funny. Happy New Year to you my friend X

  5. Those are great goals! I couldn't pull up the libra thing, but it sure doesn't sound nice.

    Hope your new year is wonderful!

  6. I'm with you on goals #1 and 2. For blogging, I'm going to go for monthly. As for that judgmental stuff.... *sigh* I'm so tired of judging, yet realize we all do it to a certain extent. It's just that some folks are nasty and vocal about it, while others would never dream of confronting people or saying vile things. Judging will be around as long as humans are. Heck, even animals judge - ever seen one of those nature shows with the male species competing with colorful plumage, etc.?

  7. At the risk of sounding dumb, could you tell me the difference between a drag queen and a transgendered person? And how do ambiguous gender people fit in? I have only been following your blog for a few months, and this is new territory for me. (I love the upside down cat)

  8. Hi Redhead, a drag queen is usually a gay man who parodies women in over the top dress and makeup, they do not want to be women, it is all a joke and many do cabaret type shows. Transgender women ,think and live as women and are treated as such.Some women have correctional surgery ,some don't but it is more about who they are in their head than what is on the body,though hormones help in this regard.Ambiguous gender is called Intersex and sometimes their gender is fluid.
    The arguments for the ad being funny and not offensive stem from the use of a drag queen to play girl 1, but in choosing the actor they did, and also the reactions during the ad, it was presumed that the person was a transgender girl. A drag queen would not have given up and walked away...there definatley would have been vocal bitchiness lol

  9. Happy New Year to you,,Nice post, thanks for sharing


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