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Monday, March 8, 2010

A word for everything on Australia

If there's one word that can be used in almost any situation,it has to be the word PISS.
read will see what I mean.......unless you want to

"Piss OFF"........ then you'd be out of here quick, but if I told you to "piss OFF",then you might or might not go depending how I said it,if I'm laughing ,you don't have to go ,I just don't believe what you just said.If I'm angry though, you'd better dissapear quick.
I can "TAKE THE piss" by making fun of you, I can "TAKE A piss" which is passing urine.

If I'm "pissED" then its more than likely because I've taken "TOO MUCH piss' :drank too many beers, because i was "ON THE piss",probably at a "piss UP" or party.There are stages of pissed ...just pissed, heaps pissed, way pissed,pissed as a fart,paraletic pissed,passed out pissed.

Because of the american infulence here, now young people can be "pissED" with you when they're angry, but because of my age I'll be" pissed OFF" at you ,when I'm cranky.

It can be pissING DOWN with rain,but the fireplace has already been set up so its " a piece of piss" to get it started,very easy.

I'm always pissPOOR when I have no money,.perhaps because I "Pissed it away" squandering it on something silly.

If my wine "tastes like Piss" it's not very good quality and I would have bought it at a bargain price because "Im as mean as cat's piss"

I just hope you don't think I've made a pisspoor effort on my blog and my writing is not pissweak.

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